Zoe Lefkofridi

Main focus: politics

Website/blog: http://www.uni-salzburg.at/index.php?id=201147&L=1

Languages: English, German, Greek

City: Salzburg

Country: Austria

Topics: democracy, politics, european integration, society, representation, inequality, political parties


I am an Ass.-Professor of Comparative Politics at the Dept. of Political Science at the University of Salzburg. My teaching includes courses on: comparative politics, the causes and consequences of unequal political representation and participation as well as national political parties' organizational and policy responses to European integration. My research draws on normative and positive theories of democracy to empirically examine political representation in Europe; my work appear in European Union Politics, Electoral Studies, West European Politics and European Political Science Review among others. Before joining the University of Salzburg, I was a joint Jean Monnet-Max Weber Fellow at the Robert Schuman Center for Advanced Studies and the Dept. of Social and Political Sciences of the European University Institute; a visiting post-doctoral researcher at Stanford University and the GESIS-EUROLAB; a fellow at the Institute for European Integration Research (EIF) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and a research associate the Dept. of Methods in the Social Sciences (MeSoS) of the University of Vienna. I conducted her doctoral studies at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Vienna and the University of Vienna and hold MA degrees from the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna, the College of Europe – Bruges and the University of Athens.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

The State of Democracy in Europe: Problems of Euroscepticism and Populism (September 27, 2013)

Talk at international conference on the "European Citizens' Initiative for Media Pluralism: the State of the European Union and Hungary" organised by the Hungarian Europe Society.

Greek debt talks: Tsipras promises 'credible reforms' at EU parliament, part 2 (July 9, 2015)

Live TV Panel Debate on the Greek debt Talks, July 9, 2015.

Our guests
1) John PALACIN Former economic advisor to Arnaud Montebourg
2) Pierre-Jérôme HENIN Former Deputy Spokesperson for the French Presidency (2007-2009)
3) Zoe LEFKOFRIDI - Ass.-Prof. University of Salzburg and Max Weber Fellow, European University Institute
4) Leonidas KALOGEROPOULOS, Vice President, ETHIC
5) James GALBRAITH, Economist, Advisor to Alexis Tsipras
See also comment by Wolfgang Hofkircher here: http://summit.is4is.org/zoe-lefkofridi-at-greek-debt-talks