Xanthe Hall

Main focus: Banning nuclear weapons

Twitter handle: @ippnwgermany

Website/blog: www.ippnw.de

Languages: German, English

City: Berlin

Country: Germany

Topics: campaigning, ngo, peace, lobbying, nuclear weapons, disarmament

Services: Talk, Workshop management, Consulting, Interview


Xanthe Hall is co-director, disarmament expert and international campaigner for the German affiliate of the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW). Born in 1959 in Scotland, she worked for the UK Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, before leaving Britain in 1985 to live in Berlin. She is a spokesperson for the German abolition network "Atomwaffen abschaffen - bei uns anfangen" that she co-founded in 1994. She sits on the board of the German section of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN Germany). Xanthe is an experienced speaker and gives lectures on arms control and the history of the peace movement at a Berlin university. She has trained many students in campaigning and lobbying skills, and she has extra qualifications in fundraising and advocacy.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

Nukleare Auf- oder Abrüstung?

Vortrag bei Deutsch-Amerikanischem Institut, Heidelberg, 23.6.2021.

This talk is in: German
Die Atomkrieg-Gefahr ist zurück

Teil 1, Interview, Transparenz TV, 9.1.2019.

This talk is in: German
Der Weg zum Atomwaffenverbotsvertrag und die Arbeit von ICAN

2. Teil von "Die Atomkrieg-Gefahr ist zurück" von Transparenz TV, 30.01.2019.

This talk is in: German
Interview mit Robert-Jungk_Bibliothek

This talk is in: German
Laudatory speech for Nuclear Free Future Award

Speech introducing Helen Caldicott at the Nuclear Free Future Award ceremony in Berlin in 2011