Vivien Vacha

Main focus: energiepolitik

Websites/blogs: ,

Languages: German, English

City: Berlin

Country: Germany

Topics: gridlayout, energy system, energy transition


Electricity does not just come out of the power plug - this may sound trivial, but what do we actually know about the sector behind it? How does a wind farm work, what happens in the event of a power outage and do we really need the energy turnaround?

As a lawyer and as a critical, political mind I am dealing with such - and much more complex - issues in the fields of electricity, gas and district heating markets for generation, transportation and storage. I have been working with major international law firms in the field of energy & infrastructure for more than 10 years , I am the co-author of "Energy Law - Introduction and Principles" one of the standard textbooks for our area and have a wide network of project operators, energy companies, investors, stakeholder, and others, sharpening my view on the many points of view and interests.

And I enjoy explaining "energy" - from an overview for beginners to a lecture on complex legal issues. That's why I'm here and looking forward to your inquiries.