Victoria Soelle

Main focus: Lead change by doing.


Languages: English, German, Italian

City: Berlin

Country: Germany

Topics: movement building, public-private partnerships, transforming organizations, future work, female empowerment, global mindset, purpose-driven organisation


I use my extensive experience in identifying, forging and managing institutional partnerships to bring the most relevant groups together to create social impact. After years working in the highest office of government in Austria and seeing everyday how organizations, institutions and individuals struggle to come together and take action, I joined The DO School and champion the art of bringing the most relevant group of people together to solve today's pressing challenges.
In my free-time I am an activist to elevate women and girls as well as civic participation.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

Best Practices of Eco-innovative Projects

Cases of conclusive and convincing eco-innovative projects have been selected. These innovation projects are clearly aimed at promoting sustainable development. They have either achieved market entry or established a significant social position. Thus we invited the founders of these start-up companies to explain their vision, to discuss initial venture capital financing, the risks and operational hurdles including their causes and how to overcome them, and to demonstrate the potential for profit as well as important success factors. As all of these projects represent success stories, they will motivate new innovators and incentivise further innovation. In an interactive setting, participants will be in close contact with the speakers.

This talk is in: English