Victoria Riess

Senior Strategy Leader

Main focus: Strategy & Technology

Twitter handle: @RiessVictoria

Websites/blogs: ,

Languages: German, English, French

City: Munich

State: Bavaria

Country: Germany

Topics: women in tech, leadership, fintech, cybersecurity, technology, cloud, strategy, cryptocurrencies, quantum computing, esg

Services: Talk, Moderation, Workshop management, Consulting, Coaching, Interview

  Willing to travel for an event.

  Willing to talk for nonprofit.

Personal note:

Victoria has a track record as a women leader in tech. She makes an exceptional impact within and shapes her organisation through new solutions on digital transformation. She mentors, coaches female team members as a role model through her ability to inspire and motivate the next generation of women tech leaders. She leads the tech agenda through her thought leadership and grew into different roles that have not even been invented yet. With her tech expertise, she acts as a public speaker about strategy, technology, leadership, cloud, women in tech, fintech and ESG as well as quantum computing, cryptocurrencies and cybersecurity.


Victoria is a Senior Strategy Leader of McKinsey Digital, Cambridge MBA, and award-winning Women in Tech. She has a track record as a women leader in tech and over twelve years of leadership experience in general management, digital strategy consulting, and corporate strategy on digital transformation. She leads digital strategy consulting programs across the EMEA region in IT and fintech as well as intelligent transportation. She has experience in business strategy, digital transformation, Cloud DevOps Engineering, data science, and leadership.
Victoria is a sound Senior Strategy Leader in technology and build and lead digital functions with high performing global teams. She demonstrates senior leadership in technology by combining business acumen with innovative strategies to attract and develop top talent. She is a known thought leader in technology, showcasing value of digital capabilities to a wider audience. She collaborates with different senior stakeholders to enable digital experience across my organizations, digital ecosystems, and services and products. She encourages digital innovation to further positive impact solutions, sustainable practices (ESG), and a more inclusive working environment for Women in Tech.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

My talk 'Is quantum computing about to break cryptocurrency?' at Women in Technology World Series Online Festival 2021

Description of talk:
The Chinese light-based quantum computer Jiuzhang has achieved the claim for ‘quantum supremacy’. It represents the second time the claim for ‘quantum supremacy’ has been reported, following Google’s celebrated announcement in 2019. But what does ‘quantum supremacy’ mean for cryptocurrency and crypto mining, where having a highly efficient machine gives you an edge over everyone else?
In this talk, I will explain quantum computing, ‘quantum supremacy’, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum in an understandable and entertaining way. I will also introduce the biggest danger to blockchain from ‘quantum supremacy’. With this second milestone, a long-anticipated step toward useful quantum computers, understanding what new ways are in place to save crypto from ‘quantum supremacy’ and how crypto should prepare for ‘quantum supremacy’ is key to evaluate the facts.
Key takeaways:
• You will be taught what China’s and Google’s official claim of ‘supremacy’ means
• You will gain the knowledge how quantum computing will practically change the world of cryptocurrency
• You will understand why China, Google and any other quantum computer could be about to destroy blockchain-based cryptocurrency
• You will learn what new ways are in place to save blockchain from quantum
Intended audience:
This talk is dedicated to beginners and people who are interested in the relevant basics of security, quantum computing, and blockchain-based cryptocurrency.

This talk is in: English