Vanya Kostova

Associate Director of Data Product

Main focus: Vanya Kostova

Languages: English, German

City: Nuremberg

Country: Germany

Topics: product management, ai, data, data analytics, data governance, data mesh

Services: Talk, Moderation

  Willing to travel for an event.

  Willing to talk for nonprofit.


Vanya brings 15+ years of experience in Tech and Data working at companies like SAP, GfK and HelloFresh. She has built multidisciplinary teams of data engineers, data scientists and data product managers, and developed data products and platforms serving both internal users and company clients. At HelloFresh Vanya has built a domain data products team from the ground up in a consumer led environment, defined the strategy and led the execution of domain data products and data science solutions. Vanya is very passionate about people and dedicated to support young professionals in the field of data and analytics who like to develop in their career or are looking for a transition to a new role in data. She is engaged as a mentor and as a speaker at various formats like tech and data hackathons, educational programs in data and analytics and data conferences.