Vanessa Giese

Main focus: Innovation, Team & Leadership

Twitter handle: @vanessagiese


Languages: German, English

City: Dortmund

State: North Rhine-Westphalia

Country: Germany

Services: Talk, Moderation, Workshop management, Consulting, Coaching, Interview

  Willing to travel for an event.

  I don't want to talk for nonprofit.


Vanessa Giese, Ph.D., born 1978, got her first media job 1995 as a freelancer at a local newspaper. In 1999 she asked herself the question: How does the newspaper get into the internet? She soon fell in love with the development and management of digital projects and questions of leadership in agile work situations. She worked for media companies and created websites, digital products and paid content. She also worked for the journalistic department of Dortmund University, taught students print, online and crossmedia publishing and had a visit into marketing.

Since 2017 she is fully dedicated to questions of innovation, leadership and successful project management for middles class companies and the news business. She works independently for companies, organizations, as a professional trainer and speaker.