Valérie Vuillerat

Main focus: UX, Diversity, Cycling

Twitter handle: @valerieWoW


Languages: German, French, English

City: Zürich

Country: Switzerland

Topics: women in tech, entrepreneurship, leadership, digital transformation, user experience, diversity


Valérie Vuillerat is the Managing Director of Ginetta Gmbh, one of the leading UX studios in Switzerland. She holds a masters degree in Human Computer Interaction Design. Valérie started her first business back in the 1990ies. Since then she co-founded a number of other ventures. Her hands-on technical expertise ranges from film production/multimedia production, design of beautiful user experiences, creation of digital marketing campaigns to actual writing of code.

She is actively engaged in promoting the benefits of having prosecco next to beer in the corporate fridge to better suit the needs of mixed teams. Valérie is a regular public speaker at conferences on topics like women in tech, user experience design, the digital world and cycling.