Tristan Elizabeth Gribbin

Main focus: Meditation and wellness

Twitter handle: @Tristan_Gribbin

Website/blog: www.flow.is

Languages: English, Icelandic

City: Reykjaivk

Country: Iceland

Topics: wellness, virtual reality, startup culture, meditation


Tristan started teaching meditation professionally in 2012 but has been practicing since January 2000. Tristan's is the founder and CEO of FLOW. Tristan and the FLOW team were selected for both the Startup Reykjavik accelerator and the Stökkpallurinn, (Vodafone’s Launch Pad) program, in the summer of 2016.
Tristan Gribbin grew up in Palo Alto, California. She graduated from the University of California at Santa Cruz with a BA in Theatre Arts. Tristan spent her early adult years working as an actress in theatre, television and films, mainly in Ireland.
Since the year 2000 she has been on a spiritual path of transformation with a strong focus on meditation and spiritual work. She trained in Modern-Day Meditation™ and in Breakthrough Breathwork™ in Colorado, USA. She also founded an organic clothing line called SUST®.
Since moving back home to Iceland in 2012, she continues to work on her spiritual growth as she raises her three daughters in Reykjavik alongside her husband. Besides her family, meditation and spirituality she is passionate about health, healing, creativity, the environment, nature, organics, and sustainability.