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Theresa Lehmann

Body politics & reception
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hate speech counterspeech menstruation lgbtiq issues you tube

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I am a student of political science at the freie Universität in Berlin.

I'm currently working as a social media editor at Debate//De:hate a project of the Amadeu Antonio Stiftung.
I also pass on my knowledge about Hatespeech and Counterspeech in workshops. I'm an expert on the joints of antifeminism, antisemitism and feminism.

Besides from political education I like to make the topic of sexual education, specifically female and LGBT Health more visible and inclusive.
The last three years I focused partucularly on menstruation.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

Menstruale Phase im Netz - #RPten

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Sexuelle Aufklärung im Netz - mit Nhi Le; #RP17