Teresa Bieler-Stütz

Main focus: compliance

Languages: German, English

City: Vienna

Country: Austria

Topics: human resource management, governance, working mum, employer branding, change management, corporate social responsibility, compliance, health care management, purpose driven organization, anti-bribery, code of ethics, health care compliance, digital health, sustainability, sustainability leadership, sustainability transitions, sustainable entrepreneurship

Services: Talk, Moderation, Workshop management, Consulting, Coaching, Interview

  Willing to travel for an event.

  Willing to talk for nonprofit.



Results-driven human resources leader and Legal & compliance with more than 10 years experience spearheading strategic, large-scale Legal, compliance, communications & HR initiatives for such major organisations as Chiesi, Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile Austria, and the Austrian Chamber for Employees with an emphasis on HR & legal / compliance issues. Highly skilled at identifying and leveraging opportunities to enhance the delivery and service of the senior supporting function and at integrating project management and change management best practices. Areas of expertise:

Human Resources Management • Legal & Compliance Executive • Data Protection Officer • Sustainability & Internal Communications Enthusiast • Strategic Analysis & Planning • Partnership Development • Project & Programme Management • Service Delivery Optimisation • Process Efficiency • Team Leadership • Communication • Stakeholder Engagement
• Fluent in German & English

Birthdate: 24.12.1980
Children: 2
Marital Status: Married

CHIESI PHARMACEUTICALS CEE/ CIS, Vienna, Austria • 2012-present
One of the top 50 companies in the pharmaceutical industry worldwide specialised on pulmonary and rare diseases, Austria as the HQ for 7 affiliates and 28 marketing & sales partners and 240 employees, whereas 85 based in Austria

Legal & Compliance Manager, Data Protection Officer and Manager Sustainability & Communications CEE/CIS (2015- present)
• Establishment Legal & Compliance Department (2 employees in CZ and HU) and responsibility Strategy for Structure and Compliance in Austria and the CEE countries; communications department (1 employee in AT) as business partner to country managers and management team
• Design and implementation of a clear governance structure with clear processes, responsibilities and responsibilities, including communication and coordination for cross-divisional or legal Compliance relevant topics
• Ensuring avoidance of conflicts of interest, responsibility over the control of grants and donations, and sanitation processes through collaboration with organizations and health professionals
• Support and consulting, as well as contracting of operational business in contract matters
• Advising, coordinating and handling the medical, legal, regulatory and tax compliance, as well as legal aspects of the pharmaceutical industry
• Provision of standard contracts and documents on consignment stocks, insurances, in-licensing, distribution and marketing agreements
• Coordination of external lawyers in the countries
• Planning, controlling, coordinating, ensuring and communicating the legal and compliance processes, guidelines, risk minimization and analysis
• Establishment of compliance governance in the CEE countries and coordination with HQ Parma
• Definition, implementation and monitoring of relevant cross-divisional policies and SOPs etc. such as Responsibility Co-operation with health professionals, Organizations or Patients' organizations, Code of Ethics & Conduct, as well as Health, Safety & Environment Principles Implementation in CEE countries
• Responsible for design, content and execution for legal and compliance training
• Conduct legal & compliance audits and assessments in the CEE region
• Support, supervision and follow-up responsibility of all internal audits in CEE region
• Responsibility for compliance with data protection and confidentiality measures
• Coordination of legal and compliance relevant requirements from the headquarters
• Data Protection Officer for Austria and responsible person for CEE affiliates
• GDPR implementation in all CEE affiliates by operational and strategic guidance, instructions, templates and standards, responsible for the administration of the registers, risk assessments and data protection agreements
• Program Leader Benefits Corporation Certification / Sustainability & CSR & Internal Communications
• Responsible for internal communications incl Setting up intranet and news, as well as internal communications structure
• Set up of change program on sustainability shared value approach with strategy formation, mission statement, workshop facilitator and program management for CEE

Human Resources Manager Austria and CEE/CIS Headquarters (2012-2015)
• Consulting Top Management and Managing Director Austria & CEE/CIS Functions in all HR aspects incl HR Budget planning, reporting, steering and responsibility (€ 8M),
• Human Resources Business Partner for the Austrian Business and CEE Functions, HR generalistic function and responsibility (operationally, conceptually and strategically) for the whole HR cycle, processes and tools (Recruiting, Personal, Team, Leadership/Coaching and Organisational Development, Talent and Performance Management, Compensation & Benefits, Strategic Organisational Planning, Labour Cost and FTE / Headcount steering, planning and tracking etc.),
• HR Team management (3 member team incl contracts, HR administration and payroll), Consulting on legal affairs and data security issues.
• Established HR also as a contact & coordination point for legal advise on contract, data security and compliance issues.
• Established a new system for fixing and enhancing the company’s culture programme “Chiesi Voices” with measures like a permanent employee council board and interactive marketplaces, job shadowing, as well as mobile working, car fleet, training and onboarding SOPs (standard Operating Procedures)
• New HR Controlling and Salary Review processes employed
• Implemented new time data processes including new works council company agreements
• Set Up of a new Health Management programme
• Reorganisation of a new regional structure completed (steady organizational development)

DEUTSCHE TELEKOM / T-MOBILE AUSTRIA, Bonn, Germany and Vienna, Austria • 2008-2012
One of the world’s leading providers of telecommunications services.

Diversity Manager, Deutsche Telekom Group Headquarters (2011-2012)
Transitioned to the Group Headquarters / Shared Services division to spearhead the day-to-day implementation of the organisation’s €14M diversity enhancement programme. Direct the efforts of an 18-member team to strategise, plan, and execute all manner of diversity and work-life balance initiatives, reporting to the Senior Vice President to ensure the achievement of measureable improvement to “fair share” and diversity KPIs.

• Secured buy-in and support among key senior-level stakeholders for diversity programmes by cementing a clear and focused strategy for the diversity team and by proactively championing each project’s long-term benefits.
• Launched a robust network for the company’s high-potential female leaders, creating a solid programme platform complete with such measures as gender collaboration training.
• Increased the visibility of the core “fair share” initiative by improving the transparency of project data.

HR Project Manager, T-Mobile Austria (2010-2011)
Led the merger/M&A integration of the formerly separate T-Systems facilities management unit into the centralised T-Mobile operation. Orchestrated the streamlining and consolidation of such diverse functions as security, health and safety, space planning, and rentals management with a strategic focus on optimising HR processes to ensure a seamless working culture and employee integration.

• Enabled the realisation of €20M savings over 5 years by successfully migrating all employees, contracts, and service level agreements to the newly centralised legal entity, completing the transition project in record time.
• Effectively stepped in as an “outsider” and navigated this group through a complex change management programme, leveraging deep skills in transparent communication, problem solving, and process optimisation.
• Recognised for outstanding performance and leadership with selection to the elite International Talent Pool of the Deutsche Telekom Europe Segment and with a temporary placement as interim Head of the European Human Resources Operating & Project Management Offices (February-May 2011).

Human Resources Project Manager & Labour Law Expert, T-Mobile Austria (2008-2010)
Recruited to provide high-level support to the T-Mobile Austria Human Resources management team in handling all manner of labour law / contracts, social security, and payroll tax matters, serving as the department’s chief negotiator with and representative to such bodies as the Works Council, data security committee, compliance boards, and the international assignment committee.

• Made significant contributions to a variety of special projects representing up to €106M in business costs / value as the department’s sole subject matter resource in the realm of labour law.
• Played a key advisory role in a critical effort to rapidly restructure the compensation and benefits programme following a merger with NSN.
• Implemented and facilitated numerous training sessions for corporate executives in such issues as labour law, compliance, anti-bribery, and data security.
• Selected for a short-term assignment with the Sales & Channel Development / Market Invest team, collaborating among cross-functional legal, compliance, and business sales groups to drive a deep legal and financial analysis of the company’s indirect sales channels (September-December 2010).
• Ranked among the group’s top 50 employees, landing membership in the prestigious HR Talent Space of Deutsche Telekom Group.

AUSTRIAN CHAMBER FOR EMPLOYEES, Eisenstadt, Austria • 2007-2008
State-run non-profit organisation dedicated to advising Austrians on matters relating to work law.

Consultant in Insolvency Law
Managed the complex procedures to ensure fair employee treatment surrounding corporate insolvencies. Represented and served as a member of the Board of Creditors during insolvency legal proceedings. Communicated with and advised employees of insolvent companies on their rights under labour and insolvency laws. Oversaw such varied matters as employee payroll, accounting, and billing processes following insolvency filings.

• Successfully led more than 1K employees of nearly 50 insolvent companies through the challenges and stress associated with insolvency by providing measured, sound advice and guidance.
• Simultaneously held this full-time position while completing full-time graduate school studies.