Tanya Laird

Main focus: Immersive Technology

Twitter handle: @DigitalJamLtd

Website/blog: http://digitaljamsessions.com

Languages: English

City: London

Country: United Kingdom

Topics: game development, transmedia storytelling, marketing management, virtual reality, augmented reality, photography, visual communication, games, marketing & pr, transmedia, crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, gamification, diversity and inclusivity in tech, cross industry collaboration, film marketing, immersive entertainment, immersive technology


“Tanya has been at the forefront of emerging creative technology spanning games, film, TV, comics, music, immersive theatre, Transmedia VR, AR and AI. She is the creator of the the VR Writers Room; the co-organiser for the VR & AR focused meetup group “Augmenting Reality”, Immersive Technology Ambassador for ESL UK and co-chair of the Immerse UK content sub group. She is also a former Trustee for both the World Youth Organisation and UN Influx, the winner of a Women in Games Award for her contributions to the games industry and the vice chair of BAME in Games.”