Taina Guedes

Main focus: Food and Art

Twitter handle: @guedes_tai

Website/blog: www.entretempo-kitchen-gallery.com

Languages: English, German, Portuguese

City: Berlin

Country: Germany

Topics: food and art


Born in São Paulo, Brazil
1990 - 1996 Worked in a variety of mediums including art, music, video/TV:
Production assistant, Radio USP FM;
Production and Reportage, Radio »Expresso 2222« from Gilberto Gil;
Production, Globosat TV; Production, Folha de São Paulo;
Concept and direction, 2 videos for Festival do Minuto; Production, "Canções do divino mestre", Music CD

1997 - 2006 Opening of "Nakombi" a japanese restaurant;
Curated several exhibitions at Nakombi in São Paulo;
Designed a fashion underwear collection;
Performed with the artist Tunga, ccbb; Performed in a video for the artist Tunga
Participated at "food cultura", Antoni Miralda;
Formed as International Chef de cuisine at Senac University

2007-2009 Trip to Japan, studied Shojin Ryori, buddhist and vegetarian way of cooking
Created project "Kulinart – die Kunst der kulinarischen Identität": Traditional, vegetarian Kitchen as part of the expression and identity of people; Zen-buddhist Kitchen of Japan, in collaboration with Toshio Tanahashi (Tokyo) und Japan Foundation;
Founded "share your food", Berlin - an art, social and culinary event and magazine

2011-2013 Participated in “Fruit Loot”, an urban gardening project with New York artist Lynn Peemoeller
Created performance/workshop at BMW Guggenheim Lab Berlin; Created performance,
"time bank/time food", Julieta Aranda
Published "Kochen mit Brot" (cooking with bread), illustrated cookbook;
Created “Bread Sound Installation”, Markthalle Neun, Berlin;
Created “Fair Tale”, a food installation, DeAr factory, Berlin (Art Festival 48 Stunden Neukölln)
Food Concept for “raumexperimente”/ Studio Olafur Eliasson

Food Concept for “raumexperimente”/ Studio Olafur Eliasson
Opening of Entretempo Kitchen Gallery, Berlin
“Food way” Collective Exhibition, Berlin
“Fair Tale” Collective Exhibition at Ostrale, Dresden
“Butoh Kitchen”, on going
“Água-viva, living water, jellyfish”, video-installation
“Wish Birds”, installation, Leipzig
Curated different Exhibitions at Entretempo Kitchen Gallery
Created “Welcome to the Future” with Jean Paul Ganem

Create first Berlin Food Art Week
“Água-viva, living water, jellyfish”, video will be shown at Expo Milano
Dif. talks, workshops in der Entretempo Kitchen Gallery
Conzept, Organisation Berlin Food Art Week
"Luxo Lixo", Installation
"Banana Republic" Roots, Installation
Nordic Food Archive - Taste, Space, Waste, Installation
Agua-viva, video, Expo Milano
Workshop Food Art, Weissensee Kunsthochschule

Mottainai Buch, working in process
Paris Food Art Weekend, working in process
Zurich Food Art Weekend, working in process
Desperdício (Waste), Exhibition, Brazil, working in process
"How food and art can change the world", talk Bologna Congress
"How food and art can change the world", talk NPR radio Salon

Awarded with the UNESCO-Dm Prize for Engagement

Languages Portuguese, native speaker
English, fluent
German, fluent