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Sylvia Hinz

recorder, new music, feminism
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recorder player conductor improvisation feminism music artasactivism

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sylvia hinz - recorder
praised for her equally fierce and bold dramatic performance style, Sylvia Hinz is one of the leading recorder players worldwide, specialised in contemporary music and improvisation.
... studied recorder at the University of Arts Berlin with Gerd Luenenbuerger, experimental music with Dieter Schnebel, chamber music with Nigel North and conducting / ensemble leading at the BAK Trossingen with René Schuh and Wolfgang Ruediger ...
... plays solo recitals and concerts with ensembles and orchestras, holds special interest in contemporary music and improvisation, also in unusual instrumental combinations and cooperations with other arts (e.g. painting, literature, sculpture), fosters international collaborations with other musicians, composers, artists in general ... concert trips to e.g. the Netherlands, Argentina, UK, Spain, Mexico, Scotland, Greece, Denmark, Ireland, France, USA, Italy, Chile, Switzerland, Canada, Bosnia, Brazil, ... 
... solo recitals at Spectrum (New York, US) / SIRGA festival (Flix, ES) / festival Flûtes en Jeu (Lausanne, CH) / festival Specs On! (Berlin, DE) / Temporada de Conciertos UTEM (Santiago, CL), festival Sonoridades Alternativas (Buenos Aires, La Plata and Chascomús, AR), Now Hear This! festival (Edmonton, CA), FIME - Festival Internacional de Música Experimental (São Paulo, BR) ...
... performance with her ensemble XelmYa at spahlinger-fest (Chicago, US) / TonalÀtonal (Goethe-Institute México, D.F., MX) ... "ensemble in residence“ with her ensemble XelmYa at Sonic 3.0 festival in Copenhagen, Denmark ... „artist in residence“ at Comporre il Suono, Oggi (Barcellona Pozzo di Grotto, Sicily, IT) ... grand opening with her ensemble UMBRATONO of the Festival de Música Antigua y Barroca (San Luis Potosi, MX), opening of the concert series TonalÁtonal (Goethe-Institute, México D.F., MX) ... 
... performance lectures at the New Music Gathering (Baltimore, US) / Carl von Ossietzky University (Oldenburg, DE) ... masterclasses at Conservatorio de Música Gilardo Gilardi (La Plata, AR), Instituto de la Música de la Municipalidad (Avenalleda, AR), Instituto de Música Universidad Alberto Hurtado (Santiago, CL) ... performances and talks with Dorone Paris at the conferences Compositional Aesthetics And The Political at Goldsmiths (London, UK) and The Politics of Performance and Play. Feminist Matters at Leiden University (Leiden, NL) ...
... cd-productions with e.g. composers Stefan Lienenkaemper (DE), Nicoleta Chatzopoulou (GR), Ailís Ní Ríain (IE) , Marc Yeats (UK), special collaborations and recordings with e.g. Jared Stimpfl / Orphan Donor (US), John E. Zammitpace (MT), Anthony Lipari / Thoren (US), Coma Cluster Void (DE / CA / US) ... artistic director of projects like „membrana“ with visual artist Carola Czempik ...
... together with Dorone Paris, she is the founder of ArtEquality: a non-profit organisation and an activist movement for equality and feminism that offers support to artists whose work concerns gender equality ... Co-Artistic Director of the Festival M.A.R.S - Music and Arts ReSound, Los Angeles / Berlin ... Podcast with „Off the Podium“: ...
...founding member of: XelmYa ( recorder, violin, cello ), the bewitched project ( recorder, percussion / drums ), UMBRATONO ( recorder, bass clarinet and others ) ...
... works with many international composers, e.g.: Mathias Spahlinger (DE), Violeta Dinescu (RO), John Strieder (DE), Zeynep Gedizlioglu (TR), Tania Sikelianou (GR), Louis Aguirre (CU), Helga Arias Parra (ES), Hideki Kozakura (JP), Matthias Kaul (DE), Luis Mihovilcevic (AR), Makiko Nishikaze (JP), Javier Torres Maldonado (MX), Massimiliano Viel (IT), Sergio Luque (MX), Mohsen Saghafi (IR), Nicoleta Chatzopoulou (GR), Edgar Barroso (MX), Jieun Jun (KR), Gilad Hochman (IL), Katia Tchemberdji (RU), Eckart Beinke (DE), Núria Giménez Comas (ES), David Lesser (UK), Miguel Farías Vasquez (CL), Petra Vermote (BE), Nickos Harizanos (GR), Anette Schluenz (DE), Sergio Sorrentino (IT), Gunnar Karel Másson (IS), Juan María Solare (AR), Susanne Stelzenbach (DE), Martin Gaughan (UK), Clio Montrey (CA), Stefan Lienenkämper (DE), Gabriel Iranyi (RO), Idin Samimi Mofakham (IR), Kristin Thora Haraldsdóttir (IS), Carolyn O‘Brien (US), Dorone Paris (IL), Nomi Epstein (US), Carola Bauckholt (DE), Mayako Kubo (JP), Jacques Zafra (MX), Ludmila Yurina (UA), Lina Tonia (GR), Marc Yeats (UK), Dario Pino (IT), Alexandros Spyrou (GR), Alicia Lazaro Arteaga (ES), Danilo Comitini (IT), Gérard Pape (US), Adriana Hoelszky (RO), Alejandro Romero Anaya (MX), Francesco Lipari (IT), Julia Seeholzer (US), Michele Abondano (CO), ...

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

vlog Sylvia Hinz

insights of my work.

[Sylvia Hinz ] - Nicoleta Chatzopoulou - "distant fields"

World premiere of "distant fields" (2014) by Nicoleta Chatzopoulou (Νικολέτα Χατζοπούλου) for recorder solo + tape at Klangwerkstatt 2014