Susanne Geisler

Composer, Songwriter, author, coach

Main focus: Creativity, change

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Languages: German, English

City: Berline

State: Berlin

Country: Germany

Topics: publishing, music production, creative direction, music industry, mental health, music business women, law, music business, music composition

Services: Talk, Workshop management, Consulting, Coaching, Interview

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Personal note:

Creative Therapy, Creative Coaching, Guidance, Creative Self-Care, Resilience, High Sensitivity


From lawyer to composer: with "How to unblock myself" the Berlin-based artist Susanne Geisler describes her own transformation process. Trained as a lawyer, she breaks with her profession at the zenith of her career to become an artist.

But what exactly is an artist? What does it mean to live from art? How do I integrate creativity into my everyday life?

Growing up in a non-artistic household, she initially worked for many years at the side of great artists such as the British film composers and post-minimalists Max Richter (Vivaldi Recomposed, Sleep) or world star Woodkid. She researched the Berlin street musician scene on the subject of art and creativity, and yet she herself struggled time and again with blocks to creativity. With the help of her experience and some of the best books on creativity, including Julia Cameron The Artist's Way and Jeff Goin's Real Artist's Don't Starve, she will make the leap into a full-time artistic career in 2016. Today she is a freelance artist (, composer, songwriter (Universal Music, Warner Music) and author (EditionF). As a synesthete, she campaigns for more neurodiversity in the arts. As a creative coach, she shares her collected experiences not only with young artists, but also helps people who have the desire for change, freely according to the motto

"Creativity offers a wonderful opportunity to find out who we really are".

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

Zeiss Vision Convention 2023

musikalische Live Performance, Auftaktshow

Forum Kommunal 2023: "The Future ist Creative"


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Sony Music Germany: "Mental Health Awareness"


This talk is in: German
Sony Music Germany: "Hochsensibilität in der künstlerischen Zusammenarbeit"


This talk is in: German