Stefanie Storch

Main focus: new work

Twitter handle: @stefaniestorch

Languages: German, English

City: Munich

Country: Germany

Topics: workplace transformation, workplace, new workplace, new work


I am passionate about people, collaboration & technology. And how to achieve better results if these topics come together.
As business project lead for the new Munich office of Cisco I experienced over five years myself the journey it needs to bring it all together. In my 5-yr role as Sales Manager for Collaboration Technology I learned about my customers organizations and their needs to transform the workplace.
The knowledge and experiences I also share with customers who would like to prepare their people and workplace for the future when we discuss how teams work together at Cisco to achieve more together and show them our office as an example at the end.
Privately as an employee I experience the advantages of working in a home office as an option as I can spend the time with my family instead of stacking in the Munich traffic jam.