Stefanie Hagedorn

Professional Dairy Farmer, Industrial Business Adm.

Main focus: Professional Dairy Farming

Languages: German, English, Dutch

City: Saarland

Country: Germany

Topics: agriculture, work life balance

Services: Talk, Consulting, Interview

  Willing to travel for an event.

  Willing to talk for nonprofit.

Personal note:

Welcome and Thank you for being interested in a topic many people seem to have an opinion about but sadly almost entirely depend on non-professional information from NGOs to journalists. If you want insights from the mother of all industries and capitalism (Capital originates from "Heads in the herd"), feel free to contact me via e-mail. You can also check me out on LinkedIn and YouTube.
Ag is hard and can be an everyday hustle, so no wonder that many farmers don't have the nerve, time and energy to explain how things are. Many years I struggled because I wasn't born in Ag, but I did not belong to the "white collars" either. Now I know, that this is an advantage as I can convey between the alien sides.


Born in the early 1980s in Industrial Area, I suffered from severe Asthma and was hospitalized almost every year until in elementary school.
My family was urged to move out of the city for my health, no one would have ever thought I would become a dairy farmer.
2000 I started a High School Year in North Carolina, so here is for my accent :)
As an emergency in my host family teached me what credit cards are originally for, I got deep respect for the German health care system and was reconsidering my career, I wanted to become an actress or journalist. Additionally I had also been interested in technical and financial topics, so with the impression of how money and economy are forming peoples lives I completed a dual study of industrial economics at Daimler in Germany.
2006 I learned that I am not made to entirely work in an office and climb the corporate ladder without barn air. So thankfully I was able to quit at Daimler, where I learned a lot useful to this day and am very thankful for my time there.
2007 I put my dairy farm dream to test and started a professional farm training for two years.
2009 The year where it all began. We married and my husband rented a small dairy farm, we renovated it to our means and bought an old tractor.
On November 7th, 2009, 49 dairy cows moved in. My husband worked part time and due to his super supportive network we were able to make the step towards hundred cows as fulltime farmers.
2012 the cows moved on another farm, my husband driving at least two hours a day to work on the remote farm, while I organized the background and became a "Working Mom".
Spring 2013 the Markushof Losheim Cooperative was founded, where I work since. The remote farm owner and we combined our herds of a hundred cows each to found a new, organic and progressive dairy farm. Man,I cannot express the vast changes we rode with. We are proud that our first employee is still working for us, now we got a team of over ten!
So here you see I also had to stand my woman, as I was a typical lone-working farmer as well as now being a member of quite a big team. I am part time office gal, part time farmer, combining it all with family and housework, more or less successful in some areas:)
For the love of dairy farming I will take some time off to explain how I keep it all together and why it is so important to have a look on the inside of progressive dairy farming.