Stefa Hirsch

Main focus: data science, education

Twitter handle: @StefaHirsch


Languages: German, English

City: Berlin

Country: Germany

Topics: csr, big data, open data, data analysis, corporate social responsibility, e-learning


Researcher, consultant, entrepreneur
M. Sc. Economics, B. Sc. Psychologie, PhD in Economics / Big Data in Education (expected January 2017)
Universities: Mannheim (DE), Berkeley (USA), Maastricht (NL), FernUniversität Hagen (DE)
Work experience: 2 years consultancy, 4 years research; practical experiences in diverse environments (multinational corporation, family business, government agency, foreign affairs, NGO)
Scholarships: German Academic Scholarship Foundation, Bronnbach Scholarship (Association of Arts and Culture of the German Economy)

Big Data
*Research on pitfalls when analysing complex datasets - opportunities and challenges of Big Data
*Own studies (e. g. company surveys, evaluations, scientific studies)
*Using various types of data (e. g. open source data, administrative data, survey data etc.)

*Educational research on performance tests and socio-economic mobility of educational success
*Founding an association (for extra occupational education)
*Developing new concepts for training and adult vocational education
*Own experience with distance courses / studies

CSR - corporate social responsibility
*Setup of an international partnership in education, between a multinational corporaten and a multinational NGO
*Consulting in CSR, e.g. strategy, training programs, etc.

*Research on deviant behavior of employees (e. g. absenteeism, theft, mobbing etc.)

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

Measurement in Education - Test Scores and Beyond

This is a 15-minute-presentation of the work compiled in my PhD thesis, followed by 45 minutes of discussion.


Kurzartikel zu unterschiedlichen Themen, u. a. Statistik, deviantes Mitarbeiterverhalten.

Conference talk at "European Society for Population Economics, Annual Conference 2016"

"Are Estimates of Intergenerational Mobility Biased by Non-response?"
Unfortunatelly, no audio or video file is available.

Conference talk at "Society of Labor Economists, World Meeting 2015"

"Parental Education and Schooling Outcomes – Evidence from Panel Data on Overall Development and Within Year Patterns in Primary School"

Unfortunatelly, no audio or video file is available.