Stefa Hirsch

data science, education

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big data open data data analysis corporate social responsibility e-learning csr

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Researcher, consultant, entrepreneur
M. Sc. Economics, B. Sc. Psychologie, PhD in Economics / Big Data in Education (expected January 2017)
Universities: Mannheim (DE), Berkeley (USA), Maastricht (NL), FernUniversität Hagen (DE)
Work experience: 2 years consultancy, 4 years research; practical experiences in diverse environments (multinational corporation, family business, government agency, foreign affairs, NGO)
Scholarships: German Academic Scholarship Foundation, Bronnbach Scholarship (Association of Arts and Culture of the German Economy)

Big Data
*Research on pitfalls when analysing complex datasets - opportunities and challenges of Big Data
*Own studies (e. g. company surveys, evaluations, scientific studies)
*Using various types of data (e. g. open source data, administrative data, survey data etc.)

*Educational research on performance tests and socio-economic mobility of educational success
*Founding an association (for extra occupational education)
*Developing new concepts for training and adult vocational education
*Own experience with distance courses / studies

CSR - corporate social responsibility
*Setup of an international partnership in education, between a multinational corporaten and a multinational NGO
*Consulting in CSR, e.g. strategy, training programs, etc.

*Research on deviant behavior of employees (e. g. absenteeism, theft, mobbing etc.)

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