Simone Bares

Stiftungsleitung; CSR expert; D&I ; Leadership

Main focus: Third Sector; DEI; CSR

Languages: English, German

City: Hamburg & Braunschweig

State: Hamburg

Country: Germany

Topics: fundraising, diversity & inclusion, mentoring, sponsoring, corporate social responsibility, animal welfare, diversity for leaders, engagement, volunteering, philanthropy

Services: Talk, Moderation, Workshop management, Consulting, Interview

  Willing to travel for an event.

  Willing to talk for nonprofit.

Personal note:

My main interest are in female leadership, DEI, working in the Third Sector but also Corporate Social Responsibility and purpose-driven work.


Simone is an internationally experienced and versatile leader who currently heads an international animal welfare charity in Hamburg. She led award-winning CSR programmes and developed international D&I concepts for multinational organisations. She worked with complex organisations e.g. the UN, the ICC, governments, NGOs and others on climate change solutions/adaptation in the run up to the Paris Agreement 2015. She champions community investment, creativity and integrity in business by fostering a culture of motivation and engagement.