Saskia Groenewegen

Software engineer

Main focus: Saskia Groenewegen

Twitter handle: @saskia3D

Websites/blogs: ,

Languages: Dutch, English, German

City: Utrecht

Country: Netherlands

Topics: vr, virtual reality, augmented reality, software development, mixed reality


Saskia studied computer science and virtual reality when it was still CAVEs and shutter glasses. She fueled her love for futuristic tech by volunteering at SIGGRAPH for many years, where she’s currently on the VR/AR/MR committee. After a career in R&D at different institutes, Saskia now heads the VR/AR team at Ordina, where she explores emerging technologies and discovers the great potential of VR and AR with clients.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

Future Tech 2019

VR/AR – the new reality for training & performing

This talk is in: English
VR Days Europe 2019

Advancing Hands-Free and Collaborative Work with XR

This talk is in: English