Saskia Groenewegen

Technical Lead | Microsoft MVP

Main focus: Immersive Technologies, VR/AR

Twitter handle: @saskia3D

Websites/blogs: , ,

Languages: Dutch, English, German

City: Utrecht

Country: Netherlands

Topics: vr, virtual reality, augmented reality, software development, immersive technology, mixed reality, metaverse, extended reality, xr

Services: Talk, Moderation, Consulting, Interview

  Willing to travel for an event.

  Willing to talk for nonprofit.

Personal note:

Technology Lead | XR Evangelist | 20 years VR/AR experience | Software Engineer | Speaker | Organizer Global XR Community / Global XR Conference / Global XR Talks | ACM SIGGRAPH & VR Days Europe committee member


Saskia Groenewegen is the tech lead for Immersive Technologies at Ordina and a Microsoft Mixed Reality MVP.

She studied computer science, virtual and augmented reality when it was mostly CAVEs and shutter glasses and has been active in the field ever since. After a career in R&D, she is currently a software architect and the principal expert for immersive technologies at Ordina, where she heads the Extended Reality team.

She loves to share her knowledge and is active in the XR community as co-organizer of the Global XR Community and the Mixed Reality User Group.

Saskia is an international speaker and involved in organizing many events, including SIGGRAPH and several scientific conferences.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

List of current and previous talks and appearances

My talks center around virtual reality and augmented reality and the use of immersive technologies for work and education.

Learn how farmers use AR glasses to navigate animal data, how mechanics work together remotely to do repairs on complex systems, and how future nurses train in virtual reality to prepare for work in a warzone. My talks will give you an overview over the possibilities and the benefits of XR technologies in many different work and training situations.

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