Sarah Steffen

Freelance Agile Coach

Main focus: New Work & Female Founders

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Languages: English, German

City: Frankfurt/Main

Country: Germany

Topics: agile, women in tech, scrum, agile transformation, mentoring, remote work, digital transformation, agile leadership, new work, freelancing, future of work, okr, female founders, start up coaching, women and leadership

Services: Talk, Moderation, Workshop management, Consulting, Coaching, Interview

  Willing to travel for an event.

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Sarah Steffen has been working in software development and IT for 15 years.
As an employee and leading teams of up to 60 people, her career included the gaming industry as well as global corporate IT.

In 2014, however, things got repetitive - transition up the ladder or do her own thing? Sarah jumped right into freelancing and founding. Now, as a freelance agile coach and founder of anything agile, she guides teams and companies in their digital and agile transformation. Sarah is also the co-founder of freelancers & friends, a think tank on freelancing and new work.

Her interests in food and sustainability have culminated in opening and running (and selling) a restaurant in Frankfurt and with her love for learning and sharing she enjoys being a mentor at Founder Institute and a lecturer at several universities.

Sarah is also a mother of two toddlers, and knows about the struggles parents (let's face it: still mostly mothers) face in the workplace as well as with founding and freelancing. That is why she is passionate about working remote, standing together as women and finding the right blend between work and life.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

Startup SAFARI RheinMain - Moderation Paneldiskussion zu Female Entrepreneurship


Ab ca. 1:27:30 führe ich durch ein Gespräch mit einer Expert:innenrunde zum Thema Female Entrepreneurship. In English.
Key question: what do we as a society need to change to make women feel as comfortable founding a company as men?

This talk is in: English
Interview zum Thema Agilität

Sehr spontan aufgenommenes Interview im Rahmen meiner Tätigkeit als Mentorin für Mentor Lane.

This talk is in: English
Innovationbarcamp - Zusammenschnitt

Vortrag zum Thema Moderation beim Innovation Culture Camp in Mainz.
See me jump at 3:10 ... ;)

This talk is in: German
Kurzer Impulsvortrag zu Agilen Werten

Im Rahmen meiner Tätigkeit als Mentorin für Mentor Lane.
Kurzer Impulsvortrag zu agilen Werten mit anschließender Publikumsdiskussion.

This talk is in: English