Sarah Jamie Lewis

Main focus: Privacy & The Dark Web

Twitter handle: @SarahJamieLewis


Languages: English

City: Vancouver

Country: Canada

Topics: dark web, anonymity, privacy


I'm an anonymity & privacy researcher working on projects that help people take control of their own security.

I have worked on preventing fraud through adversarial machine learning, discovering & exploiting weaknesses in telephony & networking protocols and have conducted multiple security assessments of large ecommerce sites and backend systems.

I publish articles about the the security of the Dark Web through - an independent organization which researches and publishes news articles and technical reports on anonymity, privacy and security in order to help activists, journalists and others protect themselves online and off. I also tweet about my daily discoveries & thoughts.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

Untangling the Dark Web: Unmasking Onion Services - Hackfest 2016
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Life is difficult when you run an anonymous service. Being anonymous means being hyper vigilant and eternally aware, but just how many service operators are up to the challenge?

This is not your typical dark web presentation, this talk will demonstrate just how bad small opsec failures can be, how hints of metadata can unravel an entire operation and what happens when you scan the whole onionsphere trying to find patterns.

But let us not forgot, breaking is only half the battle, this talk will also explore how we can build stronger anonymous systems, for a more private and secure future.