Sarah Hyndman

Main focus: Storytelling with typography

Twitter handle: @sarahhyndman


Languages: English

City: London

Country: United Kingdom

Topics: visual storytelling, interactive storytelling, typography, research, audience participation, experiments, multisensory, perception, non-design audiences


Sarah Hyndman is a graphic designer, writer and public speaker known for her interest in the psychology of type and whose main area of expertise is multi-sensory typography. Her mission is to change the way we think and talk about typography by making it exciting for all. She had been researching type and perception for six years and can talk about her experiments, approach and give insight into the results. Topics include how typefaces narrate our everyday experiences and document our cultural tastes, and she is exploring how type can be used to create positive change.

Sarah delivers fun talks with lashings of audience participation and demonstrations that inform, entertain and challenge preconceptions. She is the author of two books (Why Fonts Matter, How to Draw Type and Influence People) and a card game (What's Your Type? A type dating card game).

“Sarah is a fantastic speaker – she engages audiences with a brilliant mix of warmth, good humour and real insight into her subject matter – in which she is an expert. She quickly warmed up a noisy crowd and had them eating out of her hand, everyone taking part (almost unheard of) and I only heard good things about her talk afterwards.” Luke Tonge, Glug curator