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Sarah Elena Schwerzmann

Sarah Elena Schwerzmann
Digital & cultural disruption
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Sarah Elena Schwerzmann was born and raised in Bern, Switzerland, and started her journey in the digital world in the mid-1990ies as a DJ. At the beginning of the century she experienced the changes the music industry went through due to the rise of the Internet. She trained as a print journalist in Switzerland and moved to Berlin in 2004 to work for renowned monthly De:Bug Magazin, a print and online outlet on electronic music and digital culture. She went on to write about the Internet and cultural and economic changes in the art industries for major newspapers in Switzerland and Germany such as Die Zeit, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Das Magazin, Bund, Tages-Anzeiger and Berner Zeitung, amongst others.

In 2006 she trained as a video journalist in her native Switzerland and the UK and went on to work for Associated Press Television News APTN in London. After leaving APTN in 2011 she became a freelance journalist and correspondent based in London for media in German-speaking Europe.

After returning to Switzerland in 2011 she worked as a video journalist for Zurich based Keystone news agency and acted as editorial director and line producer on two short portrait films on writers Philippe Jaccottet and Paul Nizon.

From 2012 to 2014 she was in charge of the strategy for digital culture for the Federal Office of Culture in Switzerland. In this capacity she advocated for better framework conditions to support digital production in the country and developed new funding models for inter-disciplinary projects in the digital realm.

She currently works as a commissioning editor for the German-French cultural TV channel ARTE and acts as an adviser on all things digital for public institutions and media outlets in Switzerland.

In 2017 she was a member of the international Emmy Awards jury for documentary films and was part of the innovation group discussing new forms of financing for audiovisual content in a digital age.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

Dokville Stuttgart 2018

Paneldiskussion zur Förderung von seriellen TV-Inhalten und Web-Formaten im Rahmen des öffentlich-rechtlichen Auftrages

This talk is in: German

International Emmy Awards

Jurymitglied, Teil der Innovationsgruppe zur Frage, wie sich das öffentlich-rechtliche Fernsehen in Bezug auf den digitalen Wandel aufstellen muss

This talk is in: English

Digital Festival Zürich 2017

Vortrag mit anschliessender Paneldiskussion zum Thema: Die Zukunft des Fernsehens im digitalen Zeitalter.
Veranstaltung im Rahmen der "Creative Wednesday"-Reihe der Standortförderung Kreativwirtschaft des Kantons Zürich, Schweiz

This talk is in: German

Evolution International Film Festival 2016, Palma

Vortrag mit anschliessender Paneldiskussion über den digitalen und kulturellen Wandel in den audiovisuellen Medien

This talk is in: English

X Media Lab Lausanne 2013

Transmedia - Storytelling der Zukunft

This talk is in: English

X Media Lab Zürich 2012

Transmedia - Storytelling der Zukunft

This talk is in: German