Sara Ablinger

Main focus: Bodypositivity, Sexuality

Languages: German, English

City: Vienna

Country: Austria

Topics: queer, fat empowerment, body positivity, diversity, body acceptance, plus size, self love, lgbtiq, self care, wheel of consent


Bodypositivity, Mindfulness and Radical Self-Love

With Big Body Love I am supporting people in creating self-worth, self-love and empowerment in their lives and in mindfully being in connection with themselves and others.
It is all about Big Love for ALL the Bodies, the skinny ones, the fat ones, the disabled ones, the "not so pretty" ones, the bodies outside the gender binary - it´s about Love for body diversity.
Core project is BIG Body Love: the Love for Big Bodies. I aim to support fat/plus-size people in re-gaining their power, they self-worth, to let go of bodyshame and the war on their bodies and live life fully, passionately, sensually with ALL of their body.
I want to co-create a world of body-positivity, respect and appreciation for every-body and do my bit in changing society´s images on which bodies are beautiful, worthy and desireable.

*all talks and workshops are also being held in english

What our society needs is a culture of human interaction that is based on consent. What our society needs is a culture of relating and touch that is not threatening.


Being present and consensual, listening, talking and touching from the heart are fundamental elements of real, appreciative connections - and I very much believe that this can be healing for the world. Based on this every eye-contact, every touch, every shadow-play can be authentic and transforming.
My work focuses on a diverse experiences rather than polar/binary thinking - with your own body, your own gender images, your sexuality, your shadows. The basis is appreciation for body and gender diversity.
It´s all about living your personal truth, being connected and authentic with yourself and others.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

Neo-Tantra und Conscious Kink

Radio-Interview zu Sexualität-en, Neo-Tantra, Konsenskultur und Feminismus

This talk is in: German