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women's fiction, chick lit

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chick lit frauenliteratur gender studies germanistik komparatistik queer theory weltliteratur

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Starting with February 2016 I'm recipient of a DOC Fellowship of the Austrian Academy of Sciences at the Department of European and Comparative Literature and Language Studies at the University of Vienna. In my PhD project I'm analysing contemporary labels of Women's Fiction such as Chick Lit, which I try to compare on a transcontinental basis.

My areas of research are:
Women's Literature & Fiction, esp. gendered Labels of contemporary Women's Fiction, e.g. Chick lit, Ethnic Chick lit, Clit lit etc. & contemporary Men's Fiction, e.g. Lad lit/Dick lit, Frat lit (Fratire)
History of Women's Writing, esp. in connection with the so called 'waves' of the women's movement(s) (New Woman's Fiction)

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