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Sabrina Burtscher

Sabrina Burtscher
informatics and society
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activism informatics and society

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German English

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i'm a student of computer science at TU Wien. my bachelor's program focused on medical IT. this is where i found out about my interest in politics, activism and society and the connections in between these topics and computer sciences. i am a political activist on various university levels (Österreichische Hochschüler_innenschaft), but also outside of university. it's in my activism at university where i discovered my passion for speaking -- i have learned a lot of things and like to try and break them down for others to understand.

things i can talk about aka what does "informatics and society" mean for me:
* women in/and CS -- women who have influenced CS, but also current situation for women in CS
* diversity in CS -- with focus on TU Wien, what does diversity mean here, why is it important, how can diversity across TU Wien be improved?
* teaching in CS -- with inputs from TU Wien, how can teachers make CS (and, tbh, pretty much every subject) more interesting for all but "the usual suspects"?
* history of CS -- where did it come from, what did it do? focus on things CS courses like to ignore, like computers in Nazi Germany.
* surveillance and how it affects people (with focus on Austria, #überwachungspaket)