Sabina Ulubeanu

Main focus: Contemporary and Classic Music

Twitter handle: @SabinaUlubeanu

Languages: English, Moldavian, Romanian

City: Bucuresti, Vienna

Country: Romania

Topics: festivals, music, personal development, motherhood, art and motherhood, composition, contemporary music, music history


Sabina Ulubeanu is one of the complex artistic personalities of her generation, as her work comprises composition, photography, musicology, teaching, experimental performance. Sabina is interested in bringing together space, time and memory, elements that unify the music and the visual arts. In 2011 she completed her PhD studies with the thesis „The Function of Memory in the Construction of Musical Time”, a theme that represents the artistic manifesto of the composer. Her recent works combine the two arts, adding to the music strong visual support, in exhibitions built around her photographs, multimedia works or writing music for silent films.
Currently, Sabina Ulubeanu is artistic director and co-founder of InnerSound New Arts Festival Bucharest, the only Romanian platform dedicated to talented young artists form all disciplines.In September 2013, she became the musical reviewer and partner of the George Enescu International Festival’s website.
Sabina is also a speaker in various events, such as TEDx (Cambridge School Of Bucharest-2015), Aspen Ideas Sibiu (2016), Mastering the Music Bussines (Bucharest 2017), PR Beta LInked Culture (Timișoara 2017) Pecha Kucha -2012 etc.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

A Journey of Creation
Video Thumbnail

A description of the compositional process and the stages of creation.

This talk is in: English
Pe bune - podcast Interview

A strong talk about how failure shapes our carrers and lifes. About Art, Music, Motherhood and overcoming a fatal disease.

This talk is in: Romanian