Sabela García Cuesta


Twitter handle: @HHsabela


Languages: English, German, Italian, Spanish

City: Hamburg

Country: Germany

Topics: startups, creativity, community building, media, innovation, startup mindset, hackathons, event organisation


I'm a creative mind passionate about entrepreneurship, building communities and art.
I work with a global community of entrepreneurs in Hamburg, connecting them and enabling mentorship so they grow their businesses and get funding. I have also co-organized and moderated several hackathons in Germany in the past years at companies like dpa, Tchibo and Die Zeit.
In 2015 I founded the first English magazine in Hamburg together with Irene Broer: Gute Leute Magazine.
My home is a coliving space that I share with other 9 like-minded people, two dogs, one cat, and one baby. I literally have no time to get bored.
My favorite topics to talk about are: " How to build your own network", "Follow your passion and let flow ", "Things I've learned living in community".