Reka Deak

Founder, CEO, Senior Advisor

Main focus: Wellbeing Culture

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Languages: English, German, Hungarian

City: Zürich

Canton: Zurich

Country: Switzerland

Topics: leadership coaching, leadership, mindfulness, wellbeing, change management, habits, human centricity, wellbeing at the workplace, human sustainability

Services: Talk, Moderation, Workshop management, Consulting, Coaching, Interview

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Reka Deak is the Founder of Wellbeing Designers, a purpose driven innovative company dedicated to advancing wellbeing as a fundamental skill for the future workforce. As a systemic change facilitator and an advocate of human-centric, sustainable work-life fostering a wellbeing culture in organisations she delivers keynotes globally and hosts the Wellbeing Designers Podcast. Reka is also an Affiliate Senior Advisor at The Josh Bersin Company working on systemic HR challenges.

With over 15 years of experience in management consulting Reka has led large scale business transformation journeys across the globe. Her focus has been on culture, change management, leadership development. She is an ICF accredited brain-based Coach, a yoga and meditation practitioner and teacher. Inspired by her own wellbeing journey as a busy professional in a
highly competitive environment she developed a method around wellbeing which goes beyond the individual focusing on teams, organisations, systems.

Reka holds a dual MSc in Corporate Finance and Education from the Corvinus University of Budapest. Coming from Hungary originally, she has lived and worked in various countries e.g. Germany, Denmark, UK, US, Middle East. Since 2014 she has made her home in Switzerland residing near the Zürich lake with her partner, Victor and their 3 year old son, Alex speaking 4 languages - Hungarian, Catalan, Swiss/German, English - in their home and spending lots of time in nature.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

Wellbeing is the New Culture

In the ever-evolving landscape of Human Resources, the spotlight on workplace well-being has never been more intense. Reka Deak’s DisruptHR’s speech brought to light the critical need for organizations to invest in employee well-being, citing research indicating a higher return on investment for companies prioritizing their workforce's well-being.

The speech opened with a reality check on the limitations of current well-being initiatives. Anecdotes revealed the inadequacy of sporadic meditation sessions in addressing the stress caused by toxic work environments and overwhelming workloads. This set the stage for a deeper exploration of strategies to truly embed well-being into organizational culture.

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The Business Value of Wellbeing: Profitable Investment or Wasted Expense?
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Despite research on this topic, many are still unsure that investing in well-being is worth it. I decided to have a discussion on this with a renowned expert on the science behind wellbeing in corporates.
- Defining Wellbeing in Corporate Settings
- Post-COVID Investments in Employee Wellbeing
- Unveiling the Science behind Wellbeing Programs
- Assessing the Impact of Employee Wellbeing Interventions
- Uncovering Truths about Employee Wellbeing
- Expert Perspectives on Emerging Trends
- Consequences of Ignoring Employee Wellbeing
- Profit Center or Expense? The Economic Outlook of Corporate Wellbeing

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