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Rebecca Cotton

Crowdsourcing & Participation
My bio:

I am an IT product manager and have been active in projects that live of crowdsourcing and participation over the last years now - professionally as well as in my free time.
I love designing and building systems that enables many to have a voice without bringing whole projects to a standstill. I have learnt how to do this in many different projects.
The most influential amongst these where 2 years at Wikimedia in community- and project management, 3 years in the Pirate Party and 1,5 years with POSpulse (market research with a mobile crowd).
I am currently working on a tool that will enable companies and organisations to include the existing knowledge and experience from their whole workforce in their strategic planning in a (time-)efficient manner

I enjoy speaking at conferences, giving workshops etc. about these topics.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

My Slideshare Account

Slides from some previous talks and workshops I held e.g at the Wikimania in Mexico City and for the Berlin School of Digital Business.

The Art of Trolling - a hands down approach at the Re:publica

Me and my partner in crime, Dirk Franke, trolled the Re:ublica by talking about trolling.
Enjoy with a grain of salt. ;-)