Raehyun Kim

Founder/ CEO of Link n Learn

Main focus: Habits that changed my life

Twitter handle: @linknlearn

Websites/blogs: https://linknlearn.de/ , www.instagram.com/linknlearn , www.facebook.com/linknlearncenter

Languages: English, Korean

City: Frankfurt am Main

State: Hesse

Country: Germany

Topics: startups, mompreneur, community building, community, habits, passion and purpose, confidence, morningroutine

Services: Talk, Moderation, Workshop management

  Willing to travel for an event.

  Willing to talk for nonprofit.

Personal note:

Back in 2020, when the whole world was ultimately out of control, I, too, suffered as the future of my company seemed very uncertain. However, I channeled my energy into focusing on what I have control over, so I started building incredible habits in my life. As an entrepreneur, having discipline is one of the keys to success. I am forever grateful that I managed to overcome challenges during the pandemic and use that time to grow my business and become an even better person through the habits I created in my life!


Raehyun founded Link n Learn in 2017, following her passion to establish a second home for international families to connect, learn and network in an international global community.

A South Korean native, Raehyun studied communications on three different continents (Africa, Europe, and Australia) before taking a break from school to try her hand at learning German in Frankfurt. While her German suffered thanks to the international nature of the city, thankfully, she met the love of her life.

After she married her husband, they started their life in a wet, dark, and depressing Frankfurt November. It was lonely, despite her outgoing personality. But after building out a community and a close-knit circle of friends, she was convinced: It’s not the place, but the people who make it a home.

She interned at the international firm Star Alliance with colleagues from 18 other nations, earned an award as a public speaker, and took a leadership role in her spare time at the international public speaking club Toastmasters.

As a saleswoman, she built the No. 1 American career site Careerbuilder’s German accounts from scratch. She then moved to the Economist Group and worked as an online and digital sales executive, responsible for Northern Europe.

Perhaps her biggest challenge? Becoming a mother, something that upended her life in all the best ways. She stayed active, taking courses and meeting other moms — all with a baby in tow. It created a community in a lonely time, especially with family overseas.

When relocating, it’s hard to imagine a new life, a new home. How do you make new friends? Where will your children be able to feel comfortable?

Raehyun’s passion was born out of wanting to create a second home for international families to connect and meet like-minded people. At the same time, she wanted to craft a safe and diverse space for children to be themselves, find their voice through creativity, and help them to grow in confidence.

She channeled her vision for bringing people together: Link n Learn was born.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

Truth be Told
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I had an opportunity to share my journey of dealing with the death of loved ones.

This talk is in: English
2020 Toastmasters International Speech Contest
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In Feb. 2020, I had the privilege of being a part of the Toastmasters International Speech Contest. Area and Division contests have been via Zoom due to the pandemic. The contest got challenging as I had to speak in front of the computer instead of speaking in front of an audience.

Although I didn't make it to the final round, I am grateful for the experience!
I am sure my public speaking journey will be continued.

This talk is in: English
How to turn your dreams into reality
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Toastmasters speech contest back in 2018!
The speech is about how to turn your dreams into reality!

This talk is in: English
Link n Learn Summer Show and Tell 2022
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This talk is in: English