Mounira Latrache

CEO and Co-Founder Connected Business

Main focus: Mindful Leadership

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Languages: English, German

City: Berlin

Country: Germany

Topics: empathy, selfempowerment, compassion, empowerment, mindfulness in organisations, mindful agility, emotional intelligence, purpose driven organization, mindful selfleadership, mindfulness-based selfleadership, selfleadership, emotional literacy, shadow work, purpose, psychological safety, compassionate & servant leadership

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Self-Leadership, New Leadership Skills, Mindfulness-based Emotional Intelligence, Self-awareness, Resilience, Psychological safety: The Essential Skill for the Digital Age
The ongoing evolution of digitalization is fundamentally altering the way humans work and relate on a personal level as well as professionally.
In all this, qualities related to human connection, the ability to think and act clearly with integrity, harnessing cognitive and emotional intelligence and the capacity to connect with a role, are becoming increasingly important to reinforce.

In inner transformation lies the key to step integrally and successfully adapt with the times and the challenges ahead.


Mounira is a pioneer & mentor supporting leaders and corporations to make the shift from systems of control to empowering organisms. Her focus lies in the skills for inner and collective transformation, needed to create The New Paradigm that serves an interconnected world, social justice, planet regeneration, and heart wisdom.

She brings 20+ years of leadership experience at international brands like Google, Red Bull, and BMW. Mounira was one of the contributors to Google’s mindfulness community and its success led her to train teams at companies around the world.

As the co-founder of Connected Business, Search Inside Yourself trainer, and Shadow Worker, she is guiding people and teams to move beyond blockages toward their deeper truth. Her mission is to empower Leaders of the New Paradigm who find new ways of co-leadership to create a world that serves The Next 7 Generations To Come. In the past years, she worked with and mentored more than 30.000 (business) pioneers and trained hundreds of teachers globally.

Born in Germany as the daughter of a Tunisian migrant family, she experienced early on how important belonging, inclusion, and authentic expression are and how powerful deeply safe spaces are to empower people in their unique expression & creativity.

Her book Connected Business: How I Learned To Lead Myself And Others was published by Ariston/Randomhouse Publishing in April 2020.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

Buchpräsentation: Connected Business - wie ich gelernt habe mich selbst und andere zu führen. Mounira Latrache
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Führe dich selbst und komm in deine Kraft!
Durch Achtsamkeit und emotionale Intelligenz ist es möglich, in einem Unternehmen den eigenen Einflussbereich zu finden und ihn wachsen zu lassen. Entscheidend dabei ist, sich selbst zu führen, um andere führen zu können. Auf ihrer Wegstrecke von BMW über Red Bull bis Google hat Mounira Latrache diese Erfahrung gemacht und gelernt, alte Regeln hinter sich zu lassen und neue aufzustellen, die von Leidenschaft, Vertrauen und Miteinander geprägt sind.

Ein einfühlsamer Erfahrungsbericht, der uns zeigt, wie wir zu mehr Menschlichkeit in unserer Arbeitswelt beitragen können.

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Human Connection and Heart Wisdom | GIZ tech2D
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This amazing world is changing as never before. The ongoing evolution of digitalisation is fundamentally altering the way humans work and relate, on a personal level as well as professionally. In all this, the biggest trend Mounira sees is that of human connection and heart wisdom; the ability to think and act clearly with integrity, the skills of harnessing cognitive and emotional intelligence, and the capacity to connect with a role and excel in a group. That is why in mindfulness and compassion lies the key to successfully adapt and evolve along with the times and the challenges that we are facing to create purpose driven and sustainable solutions.

tech2D Technology Forum for Sustainable Development 2018, Sep 20-21 2018 at Tatcraft Frankfurt

The very first tech2D forum was a high-level forum offering unique insights into innovative technologies, in-depth dialogue with high-level political representatives, thought leaders and practitioners, and exchange with partners from developing and emerging economies.

Visit: &

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re:publica 2019: Achtsamkeit – die Super-Fähigkeit für das digitale Zeitalter | Denkfabrik
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Achtsamkeit – die Super-Fähigkeit für das digitale Zeitalter

Durch Achtsamkeit werden neue Wege des Miteinanders in der Arbeitswelt ermöglicht. Ein Interaktiver Vortrag auf der Re:Publica als Teil der Denkfabrik Bühne des Bundesministeriums für Arbeit und Soziales.

Die re:publica GmbH veranstaltet mit der re:publica Berlin die größte Konferenz zu den Themen Internet und digitale Gesellschaft in Europa. Die re:publica 19 zählte an den drei Konferenztagen in Berlin insgesamt 25.000 Besuche und diskutierte aktuelle…

Die Denkfabrik Digitale Arbeitsgesellschaft des Bundesministeriums für Arbeit und Soziales untersucht in einem neuen, einjährigen Programmschwerpunkt die Verschiebung von Macht- und Kooperationsverhältnissen in der digitalen Transformation.

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