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agent, activist, curator

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After her studies at Duesseldorf Art Academy from 1985 – 1991 with famous painter Gerhard Richter, Mo Loschelder decided to move to Berlin, where she started to DJ and to collaborate with visual artist Daniel Pflumm and electronic musician Klaus Kotai, organizing the clubs „Elektro“ and "Panasonic", curating the music program at "Init", running the label ELEKTRO MUSIC DEPARTMENT and producing LP’s and EP’s under the moniker Kotai+Mo, Los Dos, Mo feat. El Puma and under her own name.
From 1994 – 1998 she worked at the record-store Hard Wax where she established the “Strange Music / Early Electronic” section.
From 2002 – 2005 she was executive manager at a manufacturing service in Berlin, and in early 2006 started as booking agent at Gostimirovic Music Management.
In June 2009 Mo Loschelder founded her own agency MEDIA LOCA, focusing on experimental electronic artists, such as Gudrun Gut, Lucrecia Dalt, Electric Indigo, Jan Jelinek, Kammerflimmer Kollektief, Charlemagne Palestine…

Mo Loschelder has co-produced several political/musical festivals:
2014 Continuity and Change: Energy and Society after Fukushima 11.03.11, CONTINUITY-AND-CHANGE
2015, 2016, 2017... Heroines of Sound Festival, HEROINES-OF-SOUND
Since end of 2015 she organizes cultural events for Berlin based refugees honorarily, such as "Faces / A Night for Friendship".

Her daughter Maia was born in 1998, she lives and works in Berlin

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

  • Meetup March - Topic: Booking / 16.03.2017

    How to be booked as an artist (DJ/VJ/etc), how to be a booking manager, what it takes to successfully run a booking agency and what are the conditions in Berlin and world-wide.
    Two prominent Berlin based booking agency owners and industry professionals will join us in the discussion and share their professional experience and insight:
    Mo Loschelder from Media Loca and Annika Weyhrich from fling.

  • Support Structures and Strategies in The Music Industry, 08.03.2017

    Speakers: Mo Loschelder (Heroines Of Sound), Jessica Ekomane (musician/sound artist), Aschka (DJ/producer/female:pressure) Katja Lucker (Musicboard Berlin), Jana Sotzko (Soft Grid), Ziúr (DJ/producer/BOO HOO) & before and after w/ *DJ Larry (Creamcake)
    Panel moderation by journalist/musicologist Stephanie Alisch.
    In this panel, we will be looking at the support structures that women/female-identified people access (or provide) within the music industry. Questions for the panel include: have they experienced such structures, what were they, where did they come from, and how have they benefitted from them? Did they seek out the structures? Or did they happen organically? Alternatively: what do they feel is lacking? We'll also be looking at strategies of self-care and survival techniques.

    Where: Aquarium, Skalitzer Str. 6, 10999 Berlin
    U8 / U1 Kottbusser Tor
    Language: English
    Free Entry

  • Berliner Musiker Treff: Women in Music, 09.01.2017

    Frauenpower, Frauenquote, Diversity – und trotzdem: Die Gleichberechtigung zwischen den Geschlechtern ist in vielen Bereichen unseres Lebens noch nicht angekommen. Auch in der Musik-Branche sind weibliche Akteure weiterhin unterrepräsentiert und Benachteiligungen ausgesetzt: Promo und Booking sind ‚klassische Frauensache‘ – Fame and Fortune liegen in männlicher Hand. Was die Eintrittsbarrieren für Frauen in die Musikbranche sind und wie man daran etwas ändern kann, darüber wollen wir beim nächsten Berliner Musiker Treff gemeinsam mit der DJane Electric Indigo – Gründerin von female:pressure, einem internationalen Netzwerk von Künstlerinnen aus den Bereichen elektronische Musik und digitale Künste – und der Bookingagentin (Media Loca) und Kuratorin (Heroines of Sound) Mo Loschelder diskutieren. Moderation: Felix Gebauer

  • BACK TO THE FUTURE I-III @ AcudMachtNeu, Berlin, 30.11.2016

    – ein dreiteiliges Talk-Programm zur Vergangenheit, Gegenwart und Zukunft freier Kunst- und Kulturräume in Berlin-Mitte –

    MI 30.11.16 / 19H30
    Mo Loschelder (Elektro), Tina Friedrich (allgirls international berlin art), Pit Schultz (Botschaft e.V.), Robert Lippok (To Rococo Rot), Christian Morin (Eimer)
    Moderation: Ulrich Gutmair (Taz)

  • Women on Stage! Music Ports @ Goethe-Institut Prague, 17.09.2016

    As a longstanding force in the Berlin electronic music scene, in my seminar, i shared experiences as a music producer, DJ, promoter, label owner, booking agent and curator with the aim to encourage other women to forge ahead with their own practice, and to generally raise awareness of the importance of tackling gender imbalances in our music scenes.
    Next to sharing practical experiences, that are valuable to women and men alike, i introduced female pioneers of electronic music since the 1940s until today.
    I provided information on useful networks and databases of and for women in today’s electronic music scenes.
    The seminar closed with an open discussion that drew together the various threads relevant for the current situation of women in the field:
    historical developments, education, difference and sameness, wide-spread sexism, persistent conventions and clichés, new opportunities and old challenges, affirmative action, self-empowerment and networks ... and the troubles and profound satisfactions of going on stage.