Mirjam Aulbach

Main focus: Frontend Development

Twitter handle: @mirjam_diala

Websites/blogs: https://www.programmiri.de/ , https://www.conferencebuddy.io/ , https://medium.com/@programmiri

Languages: German, English

City: Frankfurt

Country: Germany

Topics: software development, frontend development, javascript, community work, software testing, software crafting

Services: Talk, Workshop management, Interview

  Willing to travel for an event.

  Willing to talk for nonprofit.


I started programming at the age of eleven on a Schneider CPC 464 in Locomotive BASIC. While programming has been a hobby ever since, my career didn't start in that field at all. I was an accountant, management assistant and office administrator. Later I started to work as a dogtrainer with main focus on behavioral issues. After many years working with people and their dogs I changed my career for the second time and became a frontend developer.

One of my passions in Software Development is to strive for perfection: Writing tests and see them pass. Plan, organize and improve the software architecture of my projects. Fixing bugs if that means I can refactore code. Clean up, optimize and then delete some code.

The other passion is to is to be an active part and contribute meaningful content to the tech community. Working for and in communities is something I've done the last 15 years and it is important for me.