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My bio:

Miriam Rupp, a true Berliner, found her destination in public relations for online startups right after university. It was 2007, a time when the concept of Web 2.0 was still in need of explaination to most people. After two years of being the main point of contact for PR clients like or MyVideo, and at the age of 24, she decided to found the PR agency Mashup Communications. The reasons were plenty: inspiration from the entrepreneurial spirit of the digital age, the desire to help start-ups go from geek to mainstream in the media, and the plan to create and shape her own world and the ones of the people around her. Consequently, her agency focusses on start-ups and founders within the online and mobile sphere. „Our vision is to always tell new stories and to turn startups into stars.“ Meanwhile, Mashup Communications has grown to a team of ten, each of which has the platform to actively shape the company. This fundament as well as the support of Co- Managing Director Nora Feist allows her to manage the company and her clients from the other side of the world by now. For two years now she has been regularly commuting between Berlin and Cape Town.
Next to her PR expertise she is responsible for Sales, Business Development and Finances at Mashup Communications. Miriam studied English/American studies, Business, and Media at the University of Potsdam and the University of Technology in Sydney.

Examples of previous talks: