Miriam Janke

Tech Founder

Main focus: Tech and Sustainability

Websites/blogs: https://www.trilleco.com/ , https://www.linkedin.com/in/miriam-janke/

Languages: German, English

City: Berlin

State: Berlin

Country: Germany

Topics: iot, entrepreneurship, digital transformation, startup, artificial intelligence, public speaking, circular economy, space, sustainability, sharing economy

Services: Talk, Moderation, Workshop management, Consulting, Interview

  Willing to travel for an event.

  Willing to talk for nonprofit.


My name is Miriam Janke, tech founder, living in the capital Berlin.

With the ongoing digital transformation, increased complexity of processes, need for data usage, and IT-skill shortage, we need to envision new ways of building an IT infrastructure, which goes hand-in-hand with becoming green and increased business efficiency.

Our team jumps in, where end-to-end business solutions are needed. Our mission is to enable SMEs and enterprises to maximize their target business outcome, strengthen connectivity, and increase their sustainable footprint with our IIoT NoCode platform and integrated solutions.

I thrive on challenges, impact-driven solutions, and working within an agile, high-paced, and entrepreneurial environment. Through my years of living in various countries, I enjoy working with a team of different cultures and creating technological solutions for B2B customers. Besides, I enjoy it to mentor, to give back, and to develop business models to kickoff entrepreneurial journeys. I am interested in networking and valuable business opportunities.