Michaela Leitz-Aslaksen

Size-Inclusive Fashion Expert

Main focus: Size-Inclusive Fashion Expert

Websites/blogs: https://confidence-style.com , https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaela-leitz-aslaksen , https://www.instagram.com/aboutmichaela

Languages: German, English

City: Frankfurt am Main

State: Hesse

Country: Germany

Topics: influencer marketing, body image, body positivity, social selling, plus size, future of fashion, size inclusivity, social marketing, live-shopping

Services: Talk, Workshop management, Consulting, Coaching, Interview

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- Michaela Leitz-Aslaksen: A Revolutionary Force in Fashion -

From her early days as a passionate fashion enthusiast in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Michaela Leitz-Aslaksen has always been determined to uplift women's confidence and transform the fashion industry. With the inception of her brand, "Confidence & Style," Michaela's mission is to create a world where women no longer fear being judged or misunderstood, but rather, embrace their unique identities and harness the power of personal style.

- Vision Becomes Reality with Confidence & Style -
Through her expertise and unwavering dedication, Michaela has cultivated an environment where women can incorporate their own individual strengths and personalities into their choice of clothing, unrestricted by conventional size and style expectations. Her relentless pursuit of a size-inclusive fashion industry ensures that "Fashion for All" becomes more than just a slogan; it becomes a tangible reality.

- Recognition and Success: The World Takes Notice -

Michaela Leitz-Aslaksen has become a globally recognized expert in size-inclusive fashion. Prestigious media outlets like InStyle US, USA Today, and Huffington Post often seek her knowledge, while she frequently speaks at national and international events addressing fit, style, and size inclusivity in the fashion industry. Partnering with various fashion brands and organizations, her impact on the fashion world is ever-growing.

- Philosophy and Motivation: Empowering Through Fashion -

Michaela firmly believes that fashion should help every individual to realize and showcase their full potential. She has dedicated her life to ensuring that women from all walks of life have accessible, stylish, and confidence-boosting clothing options. Her journey is a testament to the importance of resilience, determination, and the power of compelling personal philosophies.

In her own words, "Fashion is more than just clothes - it's an expression of our inner selves. It empowers us and helps us to challenge societal norms. We all deserve to feel and look our best, regardless of size or shape."

Michaela Leitz-Aslaksen's captivating story of perseverance serves as an inspiration to us all, demonstrating the limitless potential of one individual's passion for empowering others.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

Generation Zukunft Conference in Collaboration with PHV Corp., Fashion Council Germany & the Prince's Foundation. Panel talk on „Fashion and Identity“

One of the main topics was the psychological significance of fashion: the panel "Fashion & Identity" with the visionary German fashion designer Esther Perbandt and the plus-size fashion stylist Michaela Leitz-Aslaksen focused on how fashion contributes to personality development and can strengthen one's own identity.

This talk is in: English
Strike a Pose Festival Düsseldorf - „Diversity in Fashion“ Panel Talk
Video Thumbnail

Diversity in Fashion
Welche Rolle spielen People of colour, queere Menschen und weitere margina-isierte Gruppen in der Mode wirklich? Diversität wird in Kampagnen und auf Catwalks plakativ inszeniert - aber wird sie hinter den Kulissen auch wirklich gelebt? Ein Panel Talk mit Fashion-expert*innen in Kooperation mit dem Fashion
Council Germany.

Anne Wolthaus / Innovation Lead, H&M
Léon C. Romeike / Fashion Director, Hart Magazin
Mario Keine / Designer & Founder, MARKE
Michaela Leitz, Stylistin & Plus-Size-Influencerin
Moderation: Blessing Adejoro

This talk is in: German
FashionSustain - Neonyt by Messe Frankfurt - „Sustainability by Design“ panelist
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Sustainability begins in the design process. Resources are conserved, for example, when the design of a collection is based on available materials. Made-to-measure and made-to-order reduce inventories to a minimum. And approaches such as inclusive and adaptive fashion create more sustainable alternatives for customer groups that still often have to resort to fast fashion due to a lack of supply. The talk will bring clarity to additional aspects of sustainability that go beyond common certifications and illuminate the significant role of the design process.

Presenter: Andrea Greuner, Managing Owner, Juna Studio
Melina Bucher, Founder, Melina Bucher
Majken Kalhave, Executive Director, Creative Denmark
Michaela Leitz, Plus Size Luxury Fashion Stylist & Size Inclusive Fashion Expert, Michaela Leitz - Confidence & Style
Katja Schwarz, Managing Director, Dress to measure UG

This talk is in: English