Melissa Logan

Main focus: artistic practice

Twitter handle: @voodoochanel


Languages: English, German

City: Cologne, Germany

Country: Germany

Topics: music production, music hacking, artistic practice, performance art


Melissa Logan is born in upstate New York and studied art in the US before moving to Munich where she studied painting at Akadamie Der Bildenden Künste München. While in art school she met Alex Murray-Leslie with whom she collaborated and founded the art collective Chicks on Speed after a 3 day seminar by Roberto Ohrt on the Situationist International. Over 18 years Chicks on Speed have worked between the worlds of Music, Art & Fashion creating their own Gesamptkunstwerk. They have collaborated widely in the world of Music and Art and Media developement, with great artists and institutes as diverse as Thoughtworks,, Burton (Snowboards) Douglas Gordon, Francesca Hapsburg, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Karl Lagerfeld and ZKM's Peter Weibel.
The group has a built in collaborative system of rotating members co authuring, bouncing ideas, building exhibitions, and teaching seminars. Learning by doing, copy left, open source, Building Objektinstruments, high tech or no tech hand made musical devices.