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Topics: startups, blockchain, bitcoin, innovation, technology, ai, tokens, future of money, future trends, crypto, founder, web3, dlt, ki, tokenization, transformation, metaverse, web 3.0, dao, daos, ethereum, decentralized web, digital id, defi

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Marlene Ronstedt is the founder of Play by Ear, a web3 consultancy company. Her clients range from early-stage startups seeking a strategic partner to established organizations exploring innovative technologies. Previously, she co-founded the Data Union DAO and headed marketing initiatives at Streamr Network and Neufund. She has a background in journalism, with her writing appearing in Wired Germany, Forbes and Coindesk. She has lived in many places, including London, Berlin, and Bali, and is now based in San Francisco. When she is not working, writing, or traveling, she enjoys DJing and painting.

She holds a BA honors degree in Liberal Arts from Leiden University College with a minor in journalism and minor in fine arts which she received from the Dutch Royal Academy of Art. She also holds an MA in Digital Culture from Goldsmiths University London.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

DAOs: Past, Present & Future
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I got invited by DAO Planet to speak at Dcentral Miami about the Past, Present and Future of DAOs.

Why do we need DAOs in the first place?

You can just incorporate a company, have shareholder agreements and voting rights. No Need for a DAO.

The true innovation of DAOs goes beyond everything being on chain, it goes back to one of the early memes of the 1990s Internet:

“Online nobody knows that you’re a dog.” 🐕

DAOs are meritorcracies and enable a pseudonomous economy. It doesn’t matter who you are and where you come from, instead your skills are front & center.

This talk is in: English
Unlocking new "x to earn" use cases with Data Unions
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At my favorite conference: ETHcc in Paris!

Surf to earn, drive to earn, bank to earn are just a couple of use cases the Data Union paradigm unlocks. By selling user data with their explicit consent and splitting revenues between users and builders dozens of new “x to earn” use cases become available driving user growth in Web3, giving users a share in the data economy and onboarding them to crypto.

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Digital Assets & Financial Institutions: CeFi vs. DeFi

I recently moderated a panel discussion called “Digital Assets & Financial Institutions: DeFi Revolution,” featuring experts who shared their perspectives on the evolving world of decentralized finance (DeFi) during WOW Summit in Hong Kong.

I was joined on stage by:

Cindy Amar, Co-Founder | Ex Matrixport | Ex Natixis, Glass Slipper Ventures
Alice Chen, Co-Founder COO/General Counsel, InvestaX
Khai Lin Sng, Co-Founder and CIO, Alta Group
A key takeaway from the discussion was the potential for DeFi to connect traditional finance with digital assets. The panelists highlighted the benefits of integrating DeFi solutions into current financial systems, creating opportunities for investors and institutions alike.

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Who owns your data?
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A 15 min panel discussion on the ways in which consumers will own and monetise their own data in the near future through their cell phone, car, and life’s other essential gadgets.

In 2018, the dark side of the data economy reared its head. The Facebook scandal demonstrated the awful flaw in allowing one company own so much personal information.

Blockchain has promised a lot, but can this technology also be used to tackle the data economy, give consumers back control of the information they produce and even allow them to keep the revenue they are generating for Silicon Valley?

Find out as CEO of Streamr​, Henri Pihkala, Antti Saarnio, CEO of Zippie and MySQL founder’s team, ​Richard Muirhead discuss their thoughts with Marlene Ronstedt at Tech Crunch's blockchain conference in Zug, Switzerland.

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Digital Discourses- The Future of Internet
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The internet is broken. While Web 2.0 is rampant with surveillance capitalism, the next phase of the internet will have decentralisation at its core. How would Web3, with blockchain as its backbone, be different? Could it lead to a more cooperative web? What is the future of the internet? Here’s my talk for Goethe Institut Jakarta, the Center for Digital Society and Engage Media.

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Scraping Art - Mapping the Neuland
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Scraping Art discusses the politics behind the live installation Air Water Stack and how to hack your way into video streaming.

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