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Embedding Inclusion into Leadership, Culture & Strategy

Main focus: Inclusive Leadership

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Topics: inclusion, diversity in tech, inclusive thinking, team success, culture change, inclusive leadership, mindset, purpose, inclusive intelligence, inclusive innovation

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Personal note:

I have spoken on event stages, in virtual conferences and within global organisations such as SWIFT, ING, IMG, as well as scaling tech businesses such as 11:FS & Paddle and public sector organisations.

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Marissa is a strategist, advisor, speaker and best selling author. She is the founder of and the creator of a number of business frameworks, including The Change Canvas, that are gaining widespread adoption and driving positive change around the world. She is a thought leader in ‘inclusive intelligence’ with over 20 years of experience driving transformational change in the tech sector. From well-known names such as Reuters, Barclays, SWIFT, to high growth start-ups and accelerators, Marissa has led teams, launched market leading products and delivered complex programmes.

In 2018 Marissa realised that the way we do business needs to change. Now her focus is on helping leaders to shift mindsets to think inclusively and helping businesses to broaden their horizons to focus on people, impact and purpose - not just profit - in order to drive business success. Marissa is hugely passionate about creating a fairer, more equitable future for us all, where technology can help us solve, not create, some of the world’s greatest challenges.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

Developing Your Mindset For Inclusive Leadership
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Delivered as part of our Inclusive Leadership programmes. I talk about:

- What Inclusive thinking has to do with Pringles
- Why Inclusive Leadership matters.
- The five stages to become an advocate for inclusion, and how as leaders, you can support others to progress.
- What an Inclusive Leadership 2.0 mindset looks like; why unconscious bias training is not enough and what we need to do instead.
- A roadmap you can follow to become a better, more inclusive leader.

This talk is in: English
How Inclusive Thinking Can Help You Run Better Meetings
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Talk from Marissa Ellis, Diversily Founder at the Eden Chase Diversity and Inclusion Summit.

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The Power of Perspective

In 'The Power of Perspective' talk I talk about:
- Being wrong
- Whether 1+1 is always 2
- What 9/11 terrorist attack, the 2008 financial crisis and racist chat bots have in common
- The evolution of user experience to human experience
- How to use perspective to create more inclusive experiences, products and services.

Often diversity and inclusion is left to the HR practitioners, Diversity and Inclusion experts or the excluded minority groups. However, to drive any kind of transformational change 'Inclusive Thinking' should be a skill that everyone develops and uses as part of their day to day activities. This is how it becomes embedded, integrated and impactful and we collectively create solutions that work for more people more of the time.

Often there is a no or low cost option that is more inclusive but you need inclusive thinkers who can identify these options in the first place.

We all have a part to play.

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Inclusive Intelligence

With the rise of AI and data driven decision making there has never been a more pressing time for us to raise our collective inclusive intelligence. In this talk I explain what inclusive intelligence is, why it is so important and how we can develop it in both humans and machines.

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How to innovate inclusively and why it matters

Current innovation practices are broken. We are not systematically designing for everyone. The ‘other’ that we tend ignore, is actually the collective majority. With the rise of AI and data driven decision making we need to act fast to change mindsets and build inclusion into everyday practice. This isn’t just a sideline concern for the Diversity and Inclusion specialists or the minority groups - it should be built into the way we all think, act and make decisions. In this talk I share some practical suggestions for things we can all do to collectively drive transformational change, creating better solutions and more opportunity for all.

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Podcast Interview: The Neutral Middle Is Hindering Change

Most of us belong to the neutral middle — but being neutral is no longer enough.

Frankly, it isn’t actually neutral, either. It’s a tacit agreement that things are okay as they are, when they patently aren’t.

On this episode, I interview Marissa Ellis, Founder of Diversily and creator of the Change Canvas:

What we talked about:

The formula for change
Why neutrality isn’t neutral
The Change Canvas (P.S. it’s free)
Barriers to cultural change & how to overcome them

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Podcast Interview: Driving Greater Inclusivity and Collaboration in Financial Services

Marissa Ellis, the Diversily founder joined Julia Streets and Jane Welsh to record an episode of the DiverCity podcast. It is all about diversity and inclusion in financial services. The podcast seeks to shine a light on positive progress, call out areas requiring further focus, and offer lots of ideas to help drive change.

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