Marion Böker

Main focus: Human Rights & Gender Issues

Twitter handle: @MarionBoeker


Languages: German, English

City: Berlin, weltweit, globally

Country: Germany

Topics: gender budgeting, education, social entrepreneurship, change management, justice, gender & diversity, united nations, peace, gender identity, solidarity, broadening of mind patterns, gender equality, politics, human rights, women's rights, gender mainstreaming

Services: Talk, Moderation, Workshop management, Consulting, Coaching, Interview


CV see my webpage: Biography and CVs;

Issues for speeches, lectures and consultancy processes:
Gender Budgeting-First Steps of Implementation; How to Install Pathways for longterm Processes of Change; Gender Budgeting as Human Rights Budgeting; Gender Budgeting as a tool for Participation and Evaluation; How to Know Your Human Rights & Access them in Cases of Violations with the help of the Optional Protocols of Human Rights Treaties at the UN; Participation of citizens and people (s) at the UN; Processes of Change for a peaceful and Equal Societies; Gender Equality; Policies and Processes for the Eliminination of Discriminiation and Human Righst Violations; UNSC 1325 and its implementation & options; Women's History-Herstory; Philanthropy; Feminism & Social Movements;