My bio:

Marina Lessig's thesis in philosophy is "authenticity and work biography - a philosophical ratio determination." Already as a student, she was educationally active and since 2013 she's executive board member in city district youth circle Munich city, the support and lobby of local children's and youth work with 9 daycare centers, 50 leisure centers, 75 member youth associations, 550 employees and 30 million € annual turnover of public funds and donations. In addition, she has made a certified training in design thinking, has occurred in several radio programs as an expert and has been in the areas of (online) marketing for companies in the social and educational sectors as well as diversion management (focus on empowering women). 2012 she was awarded the "Most Innovative Idea" at Start Up Weekend Munich. In her spare time she likes to go mountain climbing (sometimes trans-Alps), plays violin and acts in the artist collective "Institute for lucky discovery".

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

  • "Wie führt man ein glückliches Leben" - zu Gast bei BR Alpha "Denkraum"

    Gemeinsam mit Prof. Michael Bordt und Dr. Johannes Nathschläger diskutiere ich zu der Frage "Wie führt man ein glückliches Leben?". Dabei erörtern wir, ob dies die richtige Fragestellung ist, oder ob wir uns, um auf den richtigen Denkpfad zu kommen, eher nach einem zufriedenen, sinnvollem oder authentischem Leben fragen müssen. Ich beleuchte insbesondere die Bedeutung von Beziehung und Arbeit/Tätigkeit. Dr. Johannes Nathschläger geht auf die Thematik "Sinn des Leidens" ein.
    Together with Prof. Michael Bordt and Dr. John Nathschläger I discuss the question "How does one lead a happy life?". We discuss whether this is the right question, or whether we need to get on the right path of thinking to ask more for a satisfied, meaningful or authentic life. I light the particular importance of relationship and work / activity. Dr. John Nathschläger goes to the theme "meaning of suffering".

  • "Wie viel Kreativität braucht Gesellschaft?" - Interview in der Fachzeitschrift K3

    Kann Kreativität unsere Gesellschaft revolutionieren oder ist sie systemgefährdend? /// Can creativity revolutionize our society or is it endanger the system?

  • "Sackgasse Verwertbarkeit - Jugendliche zwischen Altruismus und Leistungsdruck"

    In diesem Gastbeitrag für das Fachmagazin K3 erläutere ich die Dimension des ehrenamtlichen Engagements der Generation Y und Generation Z. /// In this guest article for the magazine K3 I explain the dimension of voluntary engagement of Generation Y and Generation Z.