Marie Bröckling


Main focus: Criminal justice + propaganda

Twitter handle: @mariebrockling


Languages: English, German

City: Hong Kong

Country: Hong Kong

Topics: surveillance, twitter, china, criminal justice, police

Services: Talk, Moderation, Workshop management, Consulting, Interview

  Willing to travel for an event.

  Willing to talk for nonprofit.


Hi! I'm Marie, a freelance journalist based in Hong Kong.

I regularly write for NBC News .

I also use computational methods - including web-scraping and social media analysis - to research Chinese propaganda. In my forthcoming paper, I analyze the reach of pro-CCP YouTubers.

Before joining the Univeristy of Hong Kong as a researcher, I was a reporter at the German news outlet , where I covered state surveillance and police laws.

In 2018, I broke the news about a sweeping police law draft in Germany. My article was read more than one million times and sparked a national debate about state surveillance with key parts of the new law eventually reversed.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

Re:publica Conference in Detroit (US)

In 2019, I was invited to travel to the US to speak on the panel "Surveillance Doesn't Make Us Safer" at the re:publica conference.

This talk is in: English
Guest at the TV show Urban World at the Futurium in Berlin (Germany)

I was a studio guest on the TV format "Hot Spot City" at the newly opened Futurium museum in Berlin.

This talk is in: German
Main stage at the Chaos Communication Congress in Leipzig (Germany)

Constanze Kurz and I gave a talk about new police laws in Germany on the main stage of the annual Chaos Communication Congress (CCC).

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Netzpolitik Conference at the Peoples Theater in Berlin (Germany)

I gave a talk about police law in the Peoples Theater in Berlin (Volksbühne).

This talk is in: German
Keynote für die Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung

Ich habe eine Keynote gehalten bei der Podiumsdiskussion "Sicherheit um jeden Preis?", organisiert von der Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung.

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Diskussion mit Ronen Steinke und dem ehem. Münchener Polizeipräsidenten Andrä

Ich habe mit Ronen Steinke und dem ehemaligen Polizeipräsidenten von München Hubertus Andrä über Sicherheit in der Stadt ( "Terrorismus und (Stadt-)Gesellschaft?") diskutiert. Organisiert von der Hochschule für Philosophie und der Evangelischen Stadtakademie in München.

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Vortrag zu staatlicher Überwachung an der Fachhochschule Clara Hoffbauer in Potsdam

Mit Felix Reda und Karolin Schwarz zum Thema politische Medienbildung an der Fachhochschule Clara Hoffbauer in Potsdam. Ich habe zum Thema staatliche Überwachung gesprochen, unter anderem über Staatstrojaner und Vorratsdatenspeicherung.

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Interview with Deutschlandfunk (DLF)

I was invited as a guest to speak about the German police on Twitter ("Soll die Polizei twittern?") at Deutschlandfunk.

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