Main focus: Python

Twitter handle: @mariatta


Languages: English

City: Vancouver

Country: Canada

Topics: python


Mariatta is a Python Core Developer and works as a Platform Engineer at Zapier. She moved to Canada almost two decades ago, and now considers Vancouver as her home. She contributes to CPython, Python Developer's Guide, and help maintains Core Python's GitHub bots.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

Automating GitHub Workflow with Bots

GitHub provides a great platform for collaborating and maintaining open source projects.
Take it to the next level by creating custom GitHub bots.
By delegating some of the chores to the bots, project maintainers get to spend more time developing and collaborating with other contributors.
Learn how the Core Python team automated their workflow by building GitHub bots to help maintain one of the most popular open source projects, CPython.

Presented at Richmond Code and Coffee Pop-Up.

This talk is in: English
Savage Garden Hotline

A show and tell of my personal project.
I built a hotline that when called, caller will hear my favorite song from Savage Garden, and my twitter bot will tweet about it.
The project is built using Python 3.6. It uses aiohttp library, Twython library, Twilio service, and deployed to Heroku.

This talk is in: English
PEP 498: The Monologue
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One of the exciting new features in Python 3.6, PEP 498 is also a case study of a successful Python Enhancement Proposal and implementation.

Get a glimpse of a lifecycle of a PEP. Learn about f-strings, see some examples, and know the gotchas. You’ll want to upgrade to Python 3.6 just for this!

Presented as the closing keynote at PyCon Canada 2017.
Also presented at PyCon Australia 2017.

This talk is in: English

Lightning talk about f-strings. Presented at PyCascades 2018 in Vancouver.

This talk is in: English