Marianne Rady

Main focus: Dealing with your inner critic

Twitter handle: @MarianneRady

Languages: German, English

Country: Germany

Topics: sketchnotes, inner critic


I have been an avid seeker of new concepts, ideas, and teachers since I started my quest to understand myself and my emotions better fifteen years ago. Reflecting on and challenging my values and attitudes constantly has led me to discover who I really am. Daring greatly, I aim to live the most awesome and authentic life possible.

During my software engineering studies, I discovered my talent for facilitation, and I trained my communication and feedback skills in various university committees. With these skills I now support teams as a scrum master. By listening and watching with a lot of empathy, I help people discover how they can grow, collaborate better, and have fun while doing it.
In my spare time I offer Sketchnote workshops to encourage creativity and joy in those, who claim they can’t draw.