Margaret Heckel

Main focus: demografischer wandel

Languages: German, English

Country: Germany

Topics: demography, midlife-boomer

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

TEDxUniPotsdam: How to live to 100
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Each day, our life expectancy increases by five hours. Every second woman born in an industrial country since the year 2000 will reach the age of 100. To live well in the century of long life, we have to change how we work, think and learn. One of the quickest ways to get there is collaboration between the young and the old: Millenials and Babyboomers can do it - together.

Drawing on a multitude of examples from her native Germany and leading science labs all around the world, the journalist and author Margaret Heckel argues that everyone will profit from the 100-year-life. To unlock the benefits, we will have to move out of our comfort zones and act now. We stand to gain not only a society of long life, but also one where work, rest and learning will be distributed much more evenly along the lifespan.

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