Maike Petersen

Main focus: digitalstrategie

Languages: German, English

Country: Germany

Topics: digitale transformation, marketing, leadership, digital marketing, growth mindset, innovation, growth hacking, out of the box


My topic is DIGITAL Marketing! What moves me in this context is how companies achieve their corporate goals with the right strategy. In doing so, I notice time and again that at the decision-making level, understanding of Digital Marketing (and what you could do with it) is a thing of the past. Worse: too often is not about holistic overall context and that is fatal in my opinion! I bring the necessary competence as a consultant and clear thinker. As a sparring partner, I help companies to carry out change processes. As a mentor, I support junior team members and develop them further, so that in addition to personal development, target achievement is the focus. For over 20 years I have been working successfully in my profession with passion.

My strengths:
• Clarity & Competence 💚💚💚 and backbone
• Out of the box thinking
• Unrestrained will to lead and motivate others to achieve goals

Marketing has changed more severely in recent years than ever before. But how on earth can you keep track of this? The time is ripe for holistic thinking in companies, the "upgrade" of lateral thinkers and capable employees, who combine multiple expertise with personal qualities. Let us tackle together the challenge of digital transformation.

I have experience in the disciplinary leadership of up to 70 people and in the professional leadership of up to 12 people in an international environment. I am able to inspire and motivate others with visions for the goals, so that (including intensive learning phases) all team members work with verve on the implementation. My pragmatic choices and cooperative leadership style are highly valued. For me, interpersonal contact always puts man first. Professionally, I have a very high demand attitude to my work as well as each one of them.

Due to my varied experience in marketing and e-commerce, as CMO, Marketing Director, Head of Team Online of an agency and as a freelancer for digital projects, I offer the best conditions for successful marketing. In addition to a very strong focus on developing strategies, my work stands for a broad range of subjects:

• Engage and PULL (relevant content, SEO & keywords, social media, blog)
• PUSH and Performance (Display, Search, Digital Advertising, Retargeting, Pricing, EMM)
• Convert (Website, View Entire Customer Journey, Optimize UX Interface, A / B Testing,
targeted CtA deployment, landing pages, CVR optimization)
Lead Nurturing (EMM, Lead Campaigns, CRM, Offers)
• Analytics (defining and expanding key metrics, creating reporting structures, growth hacking, monitoring, testing & optimization in iteration processes)