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Luisa Ortiz Perez

Communications Innovator
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communication movement building tactical thinking non violent political action holistic safety civic tech social shaping of technology strategic communications discourse analysis social media strategy problem solving

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Spanish French English Portuguese Italian German

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Mexico City

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Luisa Ortiz Pérez PhD. is a discourse analyst and communications professional experienced in social organizing, effective campaigning and civic entrepreneurship. She has participated in projects for social change around the world on pressing topics such as migration, workers' rights, women's equality, LGBTTI, indigenous peoples' rights, economic inclusion, freedom of expression and media innovation.
She is the founder of Nova Mexico, Digital Solutions, and she has previously worked in managerial positions for,, Yahoo! Mexico and Yahoo! Hispanic Americas. She has also been a content producer for National Public Radio in the United States, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), WNYC radio and Futuro Media.
Her interests encompass teaching, researching and developing academic projects and non-governmental initiatives related to digital awareness, online and off line communications and social media strategic communications and social change campaigning.
She has published in topics related to political discourse and the formation of identities for indigenous groups in specialized journals in Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela and the United States.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

Las Internetas

I convened this panel at Campus Party 2015 on the need to reflect on the role of women on the Internet. #LasInternetas -in Spanish-