Lisa Steigertahl

Main focus: Digitalisation and Startups

Twitter handle: @StartupsMonitor


Languages: German, English

City: Berlin

Country: Germany

Topics: digitalization, startup culture, startup, intercultural competence, digital ethics, future thinking, female entrepreneurship, startup mindset


Lisa Steigertahl (M.Sc) consults emerging ecosystems in building an environment fit for startups and advises on entrepreneurship. She further engages in entrepreneurship research. Lisa is former CEO of the European Startup Network and previously worked as Head of Research & International Strategy at the German Startup Association. She was responsible for both the German Startup Monitor and the European Startup Monitor and co-initiated the European Startup Network (ESN). She graduated from ESCP-Europe with a Master of Science in European Management. She has lived, worked and studied in Berlin, Cambridge, Paris and New York and has long-term experience in the consulting and governmental sectors.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:


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Uprise Festival

This talk is in: English